2010 CoilAir Supreme Dream Bike

I’m three rides in on one super sweet bike. 2010 CoilAir Supreme frame, full Saint Groupo, Chromag OSX bar and stem, Easton Havoc seat post, Mavic Crossmax SX wheelset, 2.5 tubeless Maxxis SuperTack tires, Totem Solo Air fork. At an 20-inch frame size, with beefy SPD pedals, the bike still weighs in at an honest 35-pounds. Not bad for a bike with 7 inches of front travel and up to 8-inches in the back, thanks to G2 Magic Link technology. For the type of riding we do out here in Nelson, BC, with super tech climbs to super burly downs, it’s amazingly svelte ride with all the right geometry to go up efficiently and then go down fast with big confidence. Stay tuned for more trail reports.

4 thoughts on “2010 CoilAir Supreme Dream Bike

  1. Arnon says:

    Hi there.
    I have the same frame ( 2010 Coilair supreme )
    I was wondering if your Totem Solo Air fork is 180 mm travel ?
    If so , no problem for the frame with this size ? (I know the assembled bikes come with a 160mm)
    Have you tried it with 160mm ? if so would you be so kind as to tell me what difference you felt ?

    Thanks in advance.



  2. mitchell says:

    Hey Arnon,
    My fork is 180mm travel, no problem with the frame size, slackens the geometry a bit, but not noticeably. I have ridden the 09 coilair with 160mm and it was great, just not enough beef up front for where I live.

  3. Arnon says:

    oops sorry I missed your reply – thanks for it !
    My concern is with the warranty ….. I broke my 2009 frame and luckily it was not modified so I got this 2010 supreme frame as a replacement.

    Are you still loving it ? do you feel the difference between this frame with the 180mm and the 2009 with the 160 ?



  4. Chris says:

    I plan to get the coilair supreme 2010 it all ready has the 160mm but change it to the 180mm the farme is 18 size

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