2012 Entourage DL and 2012 King Kahuna

Two of our signature models for 2012 come from opposite sides of the mountain bike pantheon. The new Entourage Deluxe is a shorter travel, 170mm version of our Operator DH bike, while the new King Kahuna embodies the legendary 29er XC ride Kona’s famous for — in lightning quick carbon fiber. Both bikes feature top ranking components, performance oriented design and awesome ride-ability that’s focused on their very specific applications. Everything you’ll need for the Long Sweet Ride.

One thought on “2012 Entourage DL and 2012 King Kahuna

  1. John says:

    Is aluminum (scandium) being phased out for the high end xc hardtail bikes from Kona in favor of carbon fiber? Or will they offer a choice of an aluminum version of the “King Kahuna” listed above for 2012? Possibly by a different name?

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