2012 Preview – The Jake Series

It just so happens one of Kona’s original founders is named Jake. It just so happens Jake is Dutch, and he grew up racing road and cyclocross since he was a wee lad. So it makes sense that Kona has a long history of making fast, race-ready cyclocross bikes; our Jakes have been winning National Championships around the world for a good many years. For 2012, we bring all that we’ve learned riding cross into a focused group of bikes that can do it all. We’ve helped Kona Team Cyclocross Racer Helen Wyman to a number three world ranking, and we’re here to help you ride wherever you may roam.

We’re bumping up the awesome on one of the big stories in cyclocross racing. Introduced last year, our carbon fiber, World-Cup-ready cyclocross racer returns with the same speed and stiffness, but now with a fancier component offering. New for 2012, the Major Jake sees Avid Shorty Ultimate brakes and a Shimano Ultegra tubeless compatible wheelset. The bike ridden by Kona CX Team Member Helen Wyman during her stellar European 2011 cross season, the Major Jake comes as one of the best-valued cross bikes on the market or as a frame only. Boo-ya!

Spec Highlights:
• Avid Shorty Ultimate brakes
• Kona Carbon frame set w/ full carbon tapered steerer fork
• FSA Carbon CX cockpit
• Shimano Ultegra drivetrain

It is one of the most diverse cyclocross bikes ever. It can race, commute, train, tour or just plain ride. We’ve seen Jake The Snakes cross Africa, win cyclocross races and battle through downtown rain. This year, our classic Kona model takes on more of a racing aesthetic, sharing the same frame features and race-winning geometry as our Major Jake, as well as some bling-factor specs, like new Avid Shorty 6 brakes.

Spec Highlights:
• Kona Aluminum Butted 7005 tubing
• Shimano 10-speed Tiagra/105 drivetrain
• FSA Gossamer Compact BB30 Press Fit cranks
• Avid Shorty 6 brakes
• Maxxis Mud Wrestler tires

2012 JAKE
As one of world’s more adept bicycles, the Jake is able to ride everything from pothole-ridden sub-Saharan highways to gravel commuter paths to mud-riddled cross courses. The Jake sees a newfound splash of cherry upgrades in 2012: new internal rear brake cable routing, the ability to step up from a 9-speed to a 10-speed Tiagra, a new Shimano Tiagra/105 drivetrain, and the same tires as the Major Jake. All at a great price that keeps the wind feeling free as ever.

Spec Highlights:
• Kona Aluminum Butted 7005 tubing
• Shimano 10-speed Tiagra/105 drivetrain
• Kona Custom CX cockpit
• Maxxis Mud Wrestler tires

11 thoughts on “2012 Preview – The Jake Series

  1. Rocky says:

    Wot not disc brakes?

  2. Gareth says:

    I concer with the above love the tubless on the jake but was hanging out for discs to do away with the anoances of canti. you had no time for 2011 but easy ad on in the last 12 months for the sexiest teched out carbon race machine bb30 taper steerer tubles tyres (no disc brake :()

  3. ilaiho says:

    A model with disc brakes would have been cool. However, great thing that the fender eyelets are back!

  4. nathan says:

    Will the Major Jake be available to the public in a 63cm frame this year?!?

  5. Rainer says:

    Any sizing changes? I’m caught in the gaping hole between the 59 and 61 (25mm step in TTH) for the 2011 Carbon Jakes …

  6. Dave Wong says:

    JTS specs above indicate “Shimano 10-speed Tiagra/105 drivetrain” (which is the same as the base Jake model). Is that a typo? 2011 JTS had an Ultegra/105 mix.

  7. mitchell says:

    You’re right, that is a typo. It’s an Ultegra/FSA drivetrain. We’ll get that fixed.

  8. Alan says:

    I recently got the 2012 JTS and really love it. I still have my 08 Jake for commuting and long distance riding, but now I have a race bike and it is awesome 🙂

  9. Dom Lanivet says:

    When is the 2012 Jake going to be on sale in the UK? or is it already here somewhere?

  10. hayley says:

    I love my Kona Jake the snake but absolutely hate canti brakes, they are useless for commuters. I was really hoping that Kona would release a disc braked Jake the snake this year. Quess Il have to go for a boardman or genesis instead.

  11. Robin says:

    How much does the 2012 JTS weigh?

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