2012 Preview – The Operator

The Operator
Last year we launched our new Operator platform with one purpose: ride the bejesus out of the world’s downhill tracks all week, race the hell out of them on Sunday, then do it every weekend forever. It starts with a wholly rejuvenated version of our famed Walking Beam 4-Bar suspension system. The design features incredibly plush and durable oversized axle pivots and bearings, combined with low standover and a modern, balanced riding position. We’ve taken everything we’ve learned from our World-Championship-winning Stab and created a bike that speeds into a new era of downhill riding. It’s easy to maintain, with a supple and deep rear suspension feel designed for The Long Sweet Ride, so it’s no surprise Dirt Magazine called it “Bang on!” To make it even better we shortened the rear chainstays a hair for a dash of added quickness.

Spec Highlights:
• Fox Van RC rear shock
• SRAM drivetrain
• Avid Code R brakes
• RockShox Boxxer Race fork

27 thoughts on “2012 Preview – The Operator

  1. Kevin says:

    I was planning on getting an Operator, but with this colour, no thanks!

  2. macca says:

    can i send my 2011 operator in for this paint job??
    whats the supreme like??

  3. Daniel Welker says:

    I am SO glad I waited for 2012 to get a new operator!!!

  4. joel says:

    i was exited to get the 2012 operator but this paint job is disgusting

  5. Brian says:

    I was saving up for an operator. The blue was so sick. I recently broke my hand and will be out for the season so was planning on waiting for the 2012. I LOVE IT!!!!! Black and gold looks awesome! Looks like a factory team/stealth race bike. Now I really cant wait!!!!!!!

  6. Sean says:

    Wowee! Love it!
    Hey, if color is a primary decision point in your bike maybe you should go back to road riding.

  7. Brian says:

    Well said Sean. Color wasnt an issue, but it’s always nice when it looks cool too. I still think it looks like sex on wheels.

  8. Duncan says:

    @Sean, you’re 100% right.

    The Operators are fantastic riding bikes (i’m on a 2011 Supreme) and the colour is the last think i think about at speed.

  9. Kevin says:

    it’s not black and gold… it’s purple and yellow. Click on the image if you don’t believe me

  10. Kevin says:

    but i have to admit, this paint color does look more durable than the 2011 model

  11. Luka Op says:

    I dont know why you dislike the colour , its AMAZING . Finally something diffrent not simple like last year operator .

  12. fuzzbuzz says:


  13. Max says:

    Yeah,it looks good,like mine 2011,but the colour,arrrgh,I hope that the Supreme looks beter

  14. wallace says:

    when is the 2012 operator dh available???

  15. Brian says:

    Wow. I can’t believe how many people are bitching about the color. If your decision to buy a downhill bike is based on color…then…I just don’t know what to say to you. So, go ahead and drop however many thousands on a pretty bike from a company that doesnt give a crap about its customers. It makes me think that you care less about design and performance than you do about your own status what people see you riding. Yeah. I basically called all you color pickers a bunch of posers. And yes, I’m talkin alot of smack here. I hope it makes you mad. Come and find me at Diablo. I’ll be the guy passing you on the purple Operator. If you can catch me, I’ll say it to your face.

  16. Bimbadadeebadaboom says:

    Nicely said, but you have to remember all companies want a larger market share. So if you make more desirable colors, you may get more sales on your product

  17. Fabian says:

    Very good bike but the color is not so good. The color from the supreme operator is better.

  18. Aimee says:

    I just ordered this bike. STOKED, and i love the colour! hahahah

  19. Rupert says:

    Personally i think that this look pretty wicked,if your worried about colour, then go and get a different bike. This one is clearly meant for the beastly riders who can pull massive scrubs and live to tell the tail. I bought last years operator and have had a whole season without any repairs,( which is ammense for me), so if your looking for an amazing Dh bike then come to your senses and get it. STOP BLABBERING ABOUT COLOURS YOU POSERS!!!

  20. cody says:

    Does anyone know the weight of the 2012 operator

  21. David Tremblay says:

    Je ride depuis 17 ans, et je fais du DH depuis 11ans, le operator est un vrai jouet, j’ai eu vraiment beaucoup de plaisir (saut,virage,pilotage)avec le bike.Apres 40 grosses journée de DH, le bike est toujours aussi rigide. Merci

  22. Matthew Hunter says:

    Personally i think this bike is just amazing a downhill bike that is this sexy and relatively cheap, i have absolutely no idea why you are all so fussed about the colour. Its not about that, its about making a really nice,smooth bike to live up to its standards. Kona your doing a GOOD Job!

  23. jimmy says:

    this bike is soooo nice. the supreme’s colour IS going to be better. its a supreme! this colour is pimp, and is new for 2012. we havnt really seen this colour on any other bikes as such and its something fresh to ride for 2012. nice work kona!

  24. Ryan D says:

    Why is everyone commenting on the colour? if you’re buying a bike based on colour you should just go to walmart. nobody is going to remember the color of the bike that got you into first place. buy it to ride it not look at it!

  25. albet says:

    yeah!i agree.stop commenting on the colour.level up.looks may be good but the performance of the bike is better to look at to.

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