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The Kona/Dharco team dominates The Dirty Sanchez Enduro

2017 TDS Kona-5064

Derek Teel tackles the Vigilante rock garden. The legendary WTB tire gets its name from this brutal and unforgiving section of trail. All Photos Ryan Wiegman

Last weekend a mixture of Super Grassroots riders and Kona Gravity Pro’s made the journey to the Sierra foothills to race the infamous TDS Enduro. Our five riders all had solid performances and as Kona Enduro Pro Rider Ryan Gardner mentions in this great write up, the Kona crew dominated.

2017 TDS Kona-0111

Ryan Gardner keeping it low and fast.

I first attended TDS (The Dirty Sanchez) 5 years ago. Back then the race was less race and more, as Ron Sanchez himself likes to call it, “18 guys getting drunk in the woods and riding bikes”. From these humble beginnings the TDS, hosted on the Sanchez Family ranch, has morphed into something completely different. With some of the fastest riders in the world know to show up the competition has continued to rise year after year.

2017 TDS Kona-5638

The Crew. From left to right, brother and sister duo Becky and Ryan Gardner, Derek Teel, Scott Countryman and the always jazzed Ali Osgood.

The ranch itself has undergone a tremendous change over these years as well. Stone terraces have risen from the red dirt to host industry tents and a Redbull Truck. A full on Skybar built out of shipping containers now gives spectators unprecedented views of the RC car track and moto sender. Dirt bikes and side-by-sides operate constantly as they shuttle racers, spectators, and marshals around the property, and the competition to become next years “spirit leader” (accomplished by crushing the race and party scene with equal prowess) is always hotly contested. To add to the incredible atmosphere which has been lovingly crafted by the Sanchez Family and their friends a whole crew of Semper Fi service members were at the race this year both racing and spectating and their inclusion really added something special to the event.

2017 TDS Kona-9495

Scott Countryman making his way up Ass Slap Alley.

2017 TDS Kona-3495

This year racers were challenged by 14 total stages over two days with only 1 practice day to check them out. This schedule results in a best-case scenario of 1 run on each course, upping the sketch factor as the spider web of absolutely ripping trails begins to blur together by the end of the day. This year was pretty special for team Kona as a whole heap of riders made the trek to the Ranch. Becky Gardner flew in from Colorado, Scott Countryman drove up from Arizona, Ali Osgood made the drive down from Humbolt, and Derek Teel, Luisa Houseman and I lucked out and made much shorter commutes. The team battled all weekend and had some solid results to show for it. Derek was on a ripper sitting as high as 7th before a mechanical took its toll, Becky had a great first race back after injury this winter and took 6th and got faster every run. I was stoked to meet my goal of a top 10 after a big training week and Louisa sent her 111 into some super hairy sections and came out with a solid 16th. Even after sustaining a shoulder injury (after hucking a sizable road gap to a missed left-hand catch berm to tomahawk) Ali managed to score some solid stage results including a very promising 2nd in the most pedal intensive stage of the day.

2017 TDS Kona-0656

What could have been? A winter of training has Ali’s fitness backing up her burly riding skills, an unfortunate crash stopped her finishing but there’s no doubt she was en route to a podium. We can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeve for the rest of the season.

But the real story had to be the heroics of Scott Countryman. A self-proclaimed long course specialist, Scott stormed all 14 short, rocky, high intensity, courses winning one, coming second on two more, and claiming third overall for the weekend aboard his Process 134.

2017 TDS Kona-3491

With an incredible start to the season in the books and major successes across the board (besides not winning the spirit leader award) the team is looking fast! It’s going to be a great season!

2017 TDS Kona-5523

Scott Countryman in the third spot behind local shredder Marco Osbourne  and Dan Chiang

2017 TDS Kona-2067

Becky Gardner is clearly bouncing back from injury, riding to sixth place after the 14 stages.

2017 TDS Kona-2015

Derek Teel opens his 2017 season account with a 12th place at the TDS, not a bad start at all to

2017 TDS Kona-1114

This was Scotts second ever TDS, last years event wasnt really one with remmebering, after 3 consecutive flats Scott pulled the pin, looks like the WTB tough casing tires did their job.

2017 TDS Kona-0704

Rumor has it that Scott was taking crazy creative lines that other riders wouldn’t even touch.