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2017 Kona Rookie Camp at Bikepark Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

Photos by Christian Waldegger.

Brace yourself for a jam-packed week of MTB action at Kona Rookie Camp! About 200 rookies are headed to the MTB-Festival Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis from July 31 to August 6 in pursuit of fun and speedy times. Every single one of them will be aiming to show their skills on the downhill and pump track in order to have a chance at becoming an unofficial youth World Champion or “Festival King & Queen”. Wondering what these days full of craziness may look like? Here’s a short teaser…

Garry Davoren – My Kona

Bike shop owner, whiskey drinker, trail builder, sponsor, husband, friend, skate park designer, fat bike advocate. You can pick any of these to describe long time Kona friend Garry Davoren.

Garry’s passion for fat tires – and more importantly, for cycling as a whole – is unequaled. Whether it’s supporting up and coming Irish riders, maintaining local trails, or exploring the boggy and rugged hills of Connemara on his prototype Wo, Garry approaches everything in life with the same 110%.

He’s also on a not-so-subtle mission to convert the world to the virtues of the fattest tires available. If you didn’t know you needed a fat bike, a day with Garry will have you genuinely questioning how you might find space in your garage for a Wo or Wozo.

This My Kona video, the first one featuring someone not directly working for Kona, really captures the essence of Garry Davoren. He’s just a kid in a giant fat bike candy store.

MBR Magazine give the Hei Hei 9 out of 10 in latest review “Kona has taken the Hei Hei to another level”

Alan Muldoon from UK magazine MBR recently requested our base model alloy Hei Hei for review, the bike retails in the UK for £2,399.00 ($2499 in the USA and $3499 in Canada), we were pretty excited to see what their verdict would be on a bike that we absolutely love and are immensely proud of! Well we weren’t disappointed, as the brutally honest MBR magazine (a magazine that pulls no punches) gave the bike a 9 out of 10 rating.

“The Kona Hei Hei is on another level. Tight responsive ride. A fast efficient bike. None of the twitchy-ness associated with short-travel rigs.”

You can check out the review published in full online here.

Singletrack Magazine Posts Their Honzo CR Trail First Impressions “Who ever said that a hardtail couldn’t be as fun as other trail bikes?”

Wil Barrett at Singletrack magazine has hopped off the Hei Hei Dl and straight on to our Honzo CR Trail DL for his next review. Going by the First Look report he’s posted on the sight he seems pretty damn stoked. We can’t wait to see what he thinks once he’s ridden it!

You can check out the full post here.

Alexander Kangas Reports on His Best Ever EWS Result

Words Alexander Kangas Photos Sven Martin

I flew out from Stockholm on Sunday and arrived late in Toulouse, it felt great being at the venue a few days prior to the actual race weekend start, stress levels were way lower than normal.

I walked stage five on Tuesday, it contained a lot of switchbacks and steep corners (overall a good stage by the looks of it) then on Wednesday the first day of practice was underway, we got to practice stages two and four between 9am-1pm and stages two and three from 2pm-6pm. The stages had a big variety, but all of them were steep and contained a bit of everything, in my opinion, just how Enduro should be.

Practice went well, we were allowed to do only one run on stages one, two, four, five, six, eight and nine (nine and five were the same stage). The public uplift situation was a bit shit, in my opinion, we had to wait a long, long time standing in line all day.

The second day of practice was good, the stages ( five, six, seven, eight, nine) were steep and technical, just the way I like them!

The first day of racing on Friday started off good on stages one and two, the liaisons were terrible, they were so steep we had to walk them, I had a small crash on stage three, and as well a small crash on four. Stage five was the best stage of the day, and by far my quickest with a third place on that stage and I sat in 22nd place overall after the first day of racing, which felt great.

Saturday, the second day of racing, just went through problem free for me, I felt a bit conservative throughout the entire second day of racing, no crashes, no sketchy moments at all, and that’s normally a sign I’ve been going a bit too slow, I felt that I wanted to have a result with me from the weekend instead of crashing out or having a mechanical.

I ended the weekend in 31st place, my best EWS result so far!

Now I’m back training in Sweden getting ready for the upcoming North American rounds of the EWS at the end of July.

What It Takes to Climb 10,000 Meters in a Day on a Kona Hei Hei

Uphill. 10,000 meters. 32,000 feet. It’s become a bit of a theme for cyclists to base their attempts for higher heights on the world’s highest mountain – Everesting, they call it – seeking to climb 8,848 meters in a day.

Long time Kona rider Spencer Paxson, always the geographer, sought to base his attempt on the deepest depths of the ocean: the Challenger Deep, part of the Mariana Trench at more than 10,000 meters.

On June 24, 2017, taking advantage of the maximum daylight of the summer solstice, Spencer set out to ride the Challenger High with his trusty Kona Hei Hei.

Head over to Bike Mag to read the full feature written by Lacy Kemp with photos by Paris Gore.

Kona Dream Builds: Un Sutra pas comme les autres

Mathieu Cloutier de la boutique Le Pédalier à Québec nous présente sa nouvelle bécane! Et on peut dire que le montage de son Sutra transpire l’amour de la bicyclette…

“Il y a deux choses qui me passionnent dans la vie: les vélos et les voyages. On comprend donc que les vélos de cyclotourisme occupent une place spéciale dans mon cœur. Après avoir essayé un Sutra l’année dernière je savais que j’allai encore devoir acheter un nouveau vélo.

Quand j’ai vu le Sutra 2017 j’ai eu le coup de foudre et j’ai toute de suite su qu’il allait être mon compagnon pour mes prochaines aventures. Avec ce vélo je voulais une bécane qui pourrait m’amener au bout du monde, tout en étant fiable, stylée et intemporelle.”

“J’ai décidé d’utiliser le cadre du Sutra standard car la peinture me plaisait. Kona porte toujours une attention particulière à leurs vélos mais le Sutra est particulièrement réussi. J’ai rarement vu une couleur aussi riche et profonde sur un vélo de production. Si vous avez la chance de vous rendre dans une boutique Kona pour le voir au soleil, le détour en vaut la peine!

Pour les roues, aucune question à se poser – un montage custom s’imposait. J’ai donc monté des jantes Velocity Atlas 36 trous qui résistent à toutes les épreuves, avec des rayons DT Swiss montés sur des moyeux Hope Pro 4. Ensuite, un Bearing scellé corps de casette en acier, capable d’endurer les pires conditions – donc idéal pour le touring.

J’ai choisi un pédalier Sugino Alpina triple. À mon avis un des crank’ les plus solide sur le marché avec, en bonus, un look classique indémodable. Les 3 plateaux me donnent tout le gear range nécessaire pour me trimbaler aux sommets des plus hautes montagnes tout en me permettant d’être rapide lors des descentes!

Coté transmission, bar ends shifters pour leur simplicité et leur fiabilité, une mécanique arrière XT et une de mes pièces favorites sur le vélo: un dérailleur XTR première génération neuf – qui pour une raison inconnue avait été oublié au shop. Old school bling!


Pour les freins, j’ai choisi les vénérables Avid BB7 mécanique. Tellement fiable, facile d’ajustement, pièces faciles à trouver, c’était pour moi un “no brainer”.

Head set Chrisking – il parait que si on en prend soin, il dure toute une vie. J’ai décidé de vérifier par moi-même. On s’en reparle dans 20 ans, haha.

Potence et tige de selle Thomson pour le cockpit.

Rack Tubus. Aucun rack n’a fait le tour du monde plus souvent. Simple efficace et avec une garantie à toute épreuve.

Pneus Panaracer Passela PT – des pneus solides, confortables, durables et le plus important: à flanc beige!

Finalement je conserverai ma vieille selle Brooks B17 qui garde mes fesses contentes comme aucunes autres selles et ce, peu importe le kilométrage fait dans la journée.”

Super Grassroots Rider Chad Cheeney Chases Insta Fame

Words Chad Cheeney Photos ultraromance

A life cyclist buddy of mine rolled into Durango and was gingerly struck by a vehicle upon arrival. He tweaked his wing a little, but we still made plans to head to the hills on our MTB’s and do some fun wandering. With his wing busted, he dove into his point and shoot and assumed the role of photographer. He’s often the photographed and you may know him as @ultraromance, his Mom calls him ‘Boltar” and this time it was him behind the lens.

Fort Lewis Cycling college friend and current fellow coach at Durango Devo Bredan Shafer and I where the talent on this day. We looked up at lines and made them happen for the vantage point of the wandering “Boltar.” He slowly crept around the hills, we hiked and did what he did. We yelled, pointed and then did what we did. The few hours were a funny flashback to our first trifecta of shred back in college, different zone in town, but same stuff. We rode like kids that day.

I think Boltar did a great job with his camera. Brendan and I had some good freeride PR’s and laughed a ton at the many mistakes. It should be noted that I chickened out of an off camber drop line that was probably dooable, but I blamed in on the 29er wheel and the racey xc tyres, Oh and the baby at home. Brendan did it. But then I nailed the high line on a wall ride and they gave me great applause. Fun stuff.

Theres nothing special to note about this day of photos, or these words. We were all tired and blown out, we wanted to do silly tricks for the camera in our backyard, thats all and maybe each get a fun Instagram shot at most while catching up on life. The main deal is that I love this sport, the friends I’ve met and the places it takes me. I feel very fortunate for every minute i’m out the door and pedaling my bike with the wind in my hair. It keeps me young and I hope to never forget that feeling.

Dirt Rag’s Ode the Honzo CR Trail: “Long, Low and Slack. It Works.”

Dirt Rag‘s Scott Williams has finished testing the Honzo CR Trail DL and it seems he gets it “Long, low and slack. It works. “ From the component spec to the frame details to the ride characteristics, Scott absolutely loved the Honzo CR Trail.

“There have only been two bikes that I immediately felt at home on, my personal bike being one of them and now this Honzo CR Trail DL.”

Read Scott’s complete review at Dirt Rag or right here as a PDF. 20170406-Kona_Honzo_CR-11