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Bike Love

It’s Valentine’s Day. For lots of people that means romance, fancy meals, and way too many heart-themed things.

At Kona, we also want to share the love of our favorite bikes with you. So from the bottom of our sappy little hearts, this is an ode to the bikes we are currently loving the most.

Amanda Bryan, Sales: I love the way the Process 153 sucks up the trail and pops around. It boosts confidence in the steep chunder and loves to get sideways and rowdy.


Jordan Sembler, Sales: This is my “One that got away” Valentine bike: “I miss my sweet baby blue Sutra LTD. She stood by me for more miles than any other bike I have had in recent memory and what did I do? I sold her for the next hottest thing… Looking back is always hindsight. She is truly the one that got away and I have to live with that. I just hope that she is happy with her new partner and looks back on our time together as fondly as I do…. I sure hope my Rove LTD doesn’t read this…”

Product Team members Justin Clements and Ian Schmitt: Justin says, “Me and my friend Ian riding a rock roll together in Squamish BC at the MY17 Kona Launch. He’s riding a Big Honzo and I’m riding a Hei Hei Trail CR.”

Product Team member Mark Allison: I love the Operator because who doesn’t love riding big bikes down gnarly terrain? It always means you’re in the woods with your buddies.

Molly Joyce, Sales: This is my Process 111. It was a party! What a sleeper of a bike. It had a way of getting you into spicy situations and at the same time see you out like a champ. I had some of my favorite rides on that bike.

Kona Adventure Team Member Spencer Paxson: My Hei Hei and Process 111 in foreground. Valentines big and small, and bikes of all kinds. Bikes + love and families + bikes = love.

Kona CX Racer Kerry Werner: My “Kona Valentine” is the Superjake. First, and foremost, it is fast as hell on the cx course! Enough said. Secondly, it is so versatile. As the CX season was winding down I was planning as many different bike packing adventures and big gravel rides I think of. Basically, this bike gets me excited to spend copious amounts of time in the saddle.

Scott McKay Sales: Gotta love a Wo and Fireball Whiskey on a cold afternoon like this. Wo+Whiskey= Love

Garry Davoren, Distributor: Who doesn’t love a Ti Honzo?


Kona Athlete Hannah Bergemann: The Honzo climbs with ease, which encourages me to ride longer and further. It’s insanely confidence-inspiring and stable, yet still super playful on the descents, and it has me wanting to hit all the jumps and features I can find. I can pack it up with gear for an overnight bike packing trip, or rally it down some of my favorite downhill trails. I’ve been riding the Honzo for a few months now and have taken it to most of my favorite trails in Bellingham. I’ve had a blast riding long XC routes in Mazama, WA and descending technical, rock-filled trails in Squamish. The Honzo made me reconsider my opinion of hardtail bikes, and I feel like I have yet to find the limits of this bike. Looking forward to many more miles on this bike!

Lacy Kemp, Marketing: My Process 153 CR DL is always up for diving into the steepest pitches. The steeper the better!

Kona freerider Graham Agassiz on his custom Operator: This is my favourite bike for a lot of reasons but the two biggest ones would be it’s 26″ and it’s a rainbow trout!

Happy Valentines Day to you and your bikes, from all of us at Kona!

Dirt Rag Reviews the Big Honzo “Big mountain fun on a small mountain budget”

“Dropping into the first section of fast and flowy singletrack on the Big Honzo DL was like plugging a Les Paul into a Marshall stack and hitting an open A chord. We are not talking about a Roy Orbison open A; we are talking a full windmill Pete Townsend open A! This bike turns the gain up to 10 and the volume up to 11.”

Dirt Rag reviewed the Big Honzo DL in issue 203 (it’s on sale right now) and we have the full review right here on the Cog.

Kona Dream Builds: Is Tyson’s Custom Sutra the Sexiest Sutra Around?

When Tyson Blades submitted this Sutra 650b conversion via our Instagram channel, we have to admit we were pretty damn envious of what he’d put together. The devil is most definitely in the details of this bike, there are so many subtle touches that don’t jump out at first glance but make this bike truly a thing of dreams.

“I was always interested in the Sutra going back several years. It wasn’t until the 2017s came out with the wider fork and seat stays that I that I could really get what I wanted. I really think the Sutra can fill many roles: adventure bike, touring bike, and commuter. I use this bike every day for my commute to work.”

Check out the full photoset and build details below.

Kicking things off in the cockpit. Tyson has employed Lizard Skins’ insanely popular and comfortable DSP bar tape to wrap our own Kona bar, thats mated to a Simworks Marcia 50mm stem. The Spurcycle bell just ads a touch of class.

Classic Shimano Ultegra shifters take care of stopping and shifting duties.

The Uletgra 6800 shifters are cleverly matched to an XTR rear mech via a Wolftooth Components Tanpan (for shifter conversion) and Goatlink 11 (for cassette compatibility). The cassette is a Shimano SLX 11-42.

Another look at Wolftooth’s Goatlink 11.

There’s more Wolftooth up front in the shape of a 38T DropStop chainring attached to the ever-reliable Shimano XT M800 cranks.

WTB’s large volume Byway 650 x 47 tires keep things running fast and smooth.

The brakes are perhaps one of the few items that Tyson has left stock on the Sutra, the Hayes CX Experts being faultless and easy to repair anywhere on the globe… The rear wheel is made up with a DT Swiss 350 hub laced to a WTB Asym i29 650b rim.

The front wheel is a Formula CL-25 hub laced to a matching WTB Asym i29 650b rim.

That Paul Components QR is definitely not standard.

The Simworks Beatnik seatpost looks like it was designed specifically for the Sutra’s stock Brooks B17 saddle.

No custom build is ever really complete without a King Cage, Tyson has gone with the elegant Iris cage for the Sutra.