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Introducing the Cycling Team Mahieu-Kona-Vandermeeren

We’ve got exciting news from across the pond from our Belgian counterparts. They’ve assembled a stellar group of 20 cyclocross riders for the Cycling Team Mahieu-Kona-Vandermeeren. Managed by Bart Vandecasteele, Mahieu-Kona-Vandermeeren acts as a professional development program across six different CX categories. The mission of the team is to focus on the development of young riders by professional mentors with a wealth of experience in racing and team dynamics. Members include elite riders Jonas Degroote and Joyce Vanderbeken and up and coming juniors Jelle Vermoote and Joran Wyseure. The team will be riding Major Jake and Super Jakes as they tackle races all around Europe including several World Cup events. Collectively in 2017, the riders won 96 races, so we’re excited to see what 2018 has in store.

The Cycling Team Mahieu-Kona-Vandermeeren recently competed in Belgian CX Nationals and had a strong performance, including two top 10 finishes.


Jonas Pauwels – Zeno Durie – Tille Vergalle

Robin Alderweireld – Niels Vandenbroucke

Bart Jay Junior Vandecasteele – Joran Luyssen – Kenay De Moyer – Oscar Scheirlynck

Elite women, Joyce Vanderbeken     Elite men, Jonas Degroote

Jelle Vermoote – Joran Wyseure – Obe Van Cauwenbergh – Ydris Salomez

Andreas Callewaert – Emiel Vanacker

Follow along with their season on their Facebook page and their website.

Welcome to the Kona family, Mahieo-Kona-Vandermeeren! We’re looking forward to a stellar year from everyone!

Fat-Bike.com Reviews the Kona Wozo “Kona has proven once again that they have some of the most capable and enabling bikes”

“It is capable of handling some of the most aggressive trails with its burly spec and near perfect geometry taken from its skinny brother, Honzo.” – Aristotle Peters

Aristotle Peters from Fat-Bike.com has spent the last few months riding our Kona Wozo around his snow-covered Wisconsin trails. To say he gets the bike would be a bit of an understatement, with a Kona Honzo as his personal bike, Aristotle found the transition to the Wozo seamless and could not help but get playful on it.

“The short chainstays had me wanting to bring the front end up and pop off of everything.  Hopping on the Wozo is easier than any fat-bike I have ridden and will give any rider more confidence in their abilities.”

You can read Aristotle’s full review on Fat-Bike.com here.

Hei Hei DL Named Editor’s Choice by Singletrack Mountain Bike Magazine

Singletrack Mountain Bike Magazine has named the Kona Hei Hei DL a 2017 Editor’s Choice bike.

“Bellingham-based Kona has a reputation for being a brand that always forges its own path, particularly when it comes to the spectrum of riding that a bike of a given amount of rear travel is capable of. Case in point, the Hei Hei DL…Really, this is a bike that lets you get away with far more than a 100mm travel bike really should, and that makes it stand out as one of the most competent – and fun – bikes of 2017.” 

-Wil Barrett, Technical Editor


Be sure to read the full recap of why the changes made to the Hei Hei Trail DL earned the bike a top pick.