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Jake Hood takes The Road to Enlightenment on the All New Kona Satori

The road to Satori is said to be the road to enlightenment. It’s all about finding that perfect balance of harmony and rhythm in life. At Kona, we think it’s all about finding both things on two wheels. Perhaps enlightenment is tapping into your flow state on the bike. It’s that place of pure enjoyment and complete mental immersion where climbing is actually fun and descending is nothing short euphoric. We put this feeling in motion with  Jake Hood riding the all-new 2019 Satori. We chose this name for a reason. We chose it because we believe in the unique freedom that a bicycle provides and we think the Satori is the perfect vehicle to help you achieve that goal.

“The Satori kind of blew me away. It showed up and I said, ‘Here we go again. Just another run of the mill trail bike. One that will probably be sweet on the mellow trails but will be out its depth when things get nasty.’ I’m currently still eating my words. How wrong I was. I knew it was going to climb like a mountain goat – and it really does due to the steep seat angle and good pedaling platform- but point this bike downhill and you will have a sore face from smiling that much. Popping off any bump in your sight, blowing up turns, dancing the bike across the nastiest root sections you can find, or scrubbing blindly into some rock garden, it does it all in stride. Nothing really seems to phase it.” -Jake Hood, Bike Ninja as seen in The Road to Satori


The Satori is probably the most well-rounded and versatile bike in the Kona lineup.  It strikes this unique balance between up, down and across and that’s what makes it so unique; a bike that is simply good at mountain biking.  In a world of “longer/slacker/faster/harder” the Satori stands out as a versatile and easy to ride bike that has impressive value and great demeanor on the trail.” -Ian Schmitt, Kona Product Manager


The Satori does a great job of finding the middle ground between pedaling and descending. It’s one of our best balanced bikes in the lineup for 2019.” -Mark Allison, Product Manager

For more information about the Satori and Satori DL, become enlightened at Konaworld.com.

Toni Lund’s Thousand Mile Ride

Recently Toni Lund attempted the Iditarod Trail Invitational, a 1000 mile trans-Alaskan race in the harshest of conditions. Toni sent us a little recap and some photos of his experience. We’d like to extend him a HUGE congratulations for becoming the first Finn to cross the finish line in Nome, AK. We hope your Wo proved to be the perfect steed for your journey!
Words by Toni Lund, the ‘Extreme Bike Mechanic’ from Finland who works at Bikeshop.fi / Ajopyora that sells Kona bikes.
So, having done the ‘short’ 350 mile race in 2015, this year I attempted the 1000 mile monster to Nome for the first time, as the first ever from Finland and first with Kona Wo. This year’s race turned out to be extremely and exceptionally demanding as the race saw an awful lot of bad weather with close to ten blizzards, soft trails and lots of pushing. Out of the almost 27 days on the trail, there were only 3-4 sunny and calm days.
– My worst period in the journey was after McGrath (350 mile point) when I got sick with diarrhea. I spent 24 hours in Takotna to overcome it, but it struck me one more time after Ophir. Feeling really weak I still marched on in blizzard conditions and hilly terrain.
– The most dangerous sections were the passage of Rainy Pass with -10 F temps and -40 F windchill and similarly the Bering Sea ice crossing to Koyuk.
– It’s hard to say how much I pushed my bike but I think more than half of the complete 1000 mile distance.
– My 2017 model Kona Wo had zero issues and worked perfectly in the super demanding conditions. There were several soft trails that I was able to ride with Wo and it proved to be a very capable bike for the world’s longest and toughest winter ultra marathon. I had built my Wo myself and the only original component is the headset.
– I bivyed several nights under the sky and I needed to put on my best game with winter survival skills. Overall, Iditarod Trail Invitational 1000 mile is exceptionally demanding and a very dangerous quest. I finished with the time of 26 days 19 hours 18 minutes in 10th place.

Aggy Takes a Desert Vacation with Dakine

Graham “Aggy” Agassiz recently joined up with his Dakine teammates to take a little Desert Vacation in South West Utah. The crew hit some classic spots, including infamous ridgeline descents as well as some classic road gaps and hips. Going off the video above it looks like Aggy and friends and one hell of a time.

Aggy and his custom Process 153 chill in the desert light. Photo: Alex Erickson

“It was a great time hanging with the Dakine crew on this trip, it’s not very often that we get together like this to just have fun and ride some bikes! Everyone’s schedules are so different, Casey is traveling the globe doing film projects, racing enduros, and taking Snuff the dog on alpine heli drops! Carson is also traveling lots, slowly stepping away from competing and focusing on different projects which is rad to see! Thomas is probably one of the busiest out of the group, along with having a baby girl to take care of, he’s always on the road. It is always a pleasure to watch him ride with his timeless style on a bike. All in all the trip was all time, so stoked we all got to meet up in the desert and ride some bikes. It felt really good being there as a team, sharing laughs, and enjoying the time together. I can’t wait for our next vacation!”Graham Agassiz

Aggy leads teammate Carson Storch through the South Western Utah landscape. Photo: Alex Erickson

Camp Vibes. Photo: Mike Artz

Late Night Hips with your host Graham Agassiz. Photo: Mike Artz

Photo: Mike Artz

Birthday Bikepacking

What would do you like to do for your birthday? Kona Pro cross racer Kerry Werner is all about adventure. Yesterday was his 27th birthday, and to celebrate he is going on a mini 2-day bike packing trip from central North Carolina to Western North Carolina.

He will be pedaling the Kona Super Jake. After a great CX season domestic and abroad, Kerry is showing just how versatile this bike is by strapping some bike packing gear to it and saying, “say0nara” to the status quo for what an elite-level CX bike can do.

“I have some friends getting married just west of Asheville, NC. The whole family is going to be going and bringing mountain bikes fpre-weddingdding ride, so I figured, why not kill two birds with one stone? I’ll be riding down on Wednesday and Thursday. Thursday evening my crew arrives and the weekend will resume per usual. I like to do these mini-adventures, especially during structured training, which I am just getting back into. These kinds of things help keep my mind fresh and ease the stress of having a regime to follow every day. I like a mix-up,” Werner said.

His route is just shy of 200mi with 15,000ft of climbing. There will be plenty of dirt/gravel roads along the way, scenic rivers, and hopefully lots of blue skies.

Godspeed, and happy birthday Kerry!