Daily Archives: 10/25/2018

Kona Hei Hei Trail CR Makes Bike Magazine’s “Best Carbon Bikes Under $4,000” List

“If you’re looking for a rock-solid frame from a company with a pedigree for bomb-proof bikes, but also want something snappy and responsive on the climbs (or for boosting side-hits), the Hei Hei Trail offers a heck of a value for the money.” 

Bike Mag has just published their Best Carbon Bikes Under $4,000 list on their website and unsurprisingly Hei Hei Trail CR made the cut. It was runner-up in the Mid Travel: Best Carbon Mountain Bikes Under $4,000 category. It’s not the first time Bike Mag have shown the Hei Hei Trail love, Mike Ferrintiono gave it a rave review as part of the 2017 Bible of Bike Tests. You can check out everything they had to say on Bike Mag’s website here


GRIT.CX Post Their 2019 Libre DL First Impressions “I Felt Happier Pushing My Limits on the Bike”

Part two of Grit’s coverage of our Madeira drop bar launch is now live, Joonas Vinnari’s photos and Tom Hall’s words definitely paint a picture of a multi-surface-gravel-bike paradise. Part one of Grit’s coverage focused on the Rove Ltd, today they take a look at the all-new Libre and post their first impressions after a day of riding on the island of Porto Santo.

You can check out the full story on Grit.CX‘s website here.

“The lower front end seemed to liven up the handling of the Libre DL versus the Rove. I felt like I was able to weight the front end better, so despite the geometry theoretically being less suited to rough and technical riding, I felt happier pushing my limits on the bike. There’s also no denying that the light, stiff carbon frame felt livelier than its steel stable mate. No surprises there, but I’m also happy to report that there was little in the way of noticeable loss of ride comfort either.”