Daily Archives: 11/13/2018

Racing the Annapurna Circuit for a Cause

Last year Adventure Team rider and 24 Hour Solo World Champion Cory Wallace took on the task of raising money to help build a coaching/training center in Nepal. His goal was to complete the Annapurna Circuit in less than 24 hours. Completing the Annapurna Circuit is an incredibly challenging athletic feat on its own. It is comprised of 220km of extremely high altitude riding while ascending over 6000 meters throughout the process. Completing the Annapurna Circut in just 24 hours is…well… something that perhaps only Wallace can do.

He’s back at it this year and on November 20th is attempting to break his time last year of 23:57 with the goal to raise $6,500 for the coaching center -the only of its kind in Nepal. Wallace is giving away two of his world championships jerseys- one for the single highest donation and the person who donates and most accurately predicts his completed time in the comments section on GoFundMe. Want to play along? Check out the fundraiser here.

Stay tuned for his result and donate to the campaign!

Video by Gaurav Man Sherchan and photos by Cory and Patrick Means.


Kona Dream Build: Fun and Games, Kate’s Hope Tech Equipped Process 153 CR

Yesterday we introduced you to Kate Meyer. Now it’s time to meet her bike a matte black Process 153 CR. Kate rides for Hope Tech Women and those CNC manufacturing wizards have helped Kate build a dream Process, it’s a bike she says is “Hands down the funnest bike I’ve ever ridden!”

Aside from the Deity Components cockpit, everything that can be swapped to Hope has been. Hope’s spiderless chainring is mated perfectly with a set of CNC’d Hope Cranks.

Black Hope Pro4 Hubs are laced to…

… Hope Enduro wheels with black Sapim spokes and brass nipples.

Slowing down, not that Kate does much of that, is done via a set of Hope Tech3 E4 stoppers. These four piston stoppers have a caliper that is cnc’d out of a single piece of aluminum and feature 4x16mm phenolic pistons to give more usable power. The Tech 3 lever also features tool-less bite point and reach adjustment.

And they are kinda sexy!

Photos: Roo Fowler / Hope Tech Women