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Kona Dream Builds: Arran’s “Awesome whether Riding or Posing” Process

We’ve already seen some pretty top end Process builds but Arran has definitely stepped it up a notch with this one. When he approached the guys at Boost Bike Hub and told them he not only wanted to order a top of the range 2019 Process 153 CR/DL 27.5, but that he also wanted to equip it with Shimano’s brand new XTR 12-speed drivetrain, brakeset and hubs, they naturally couldn’t wait to get started!

Ben Hazell | KONA COG

Other trick upgrades include DT Swiss EX511/471 rims, Joystick carbon handlebar/stem combo, Ergon grip, and SQlab saddle.

Before he could even ride it, it had to also be Invisiframed in order to protect that sweet paintjob. Arran lives in the U.K. but frequently takes his bikes down to the Alps in France so they need to be transport safe.

Ben Hazell | KONA COG The ultimate starting block for any Dream Build – The Process Frame

Ben Hazell | KONA COG Arran chose to run Raceface’s Sixc Carbon Crankset mated to a Burgtec 12-speed Narrow/Wide Ring
Ben Hazell | KONA COG The best that Shimano has to offer – XTR 12-Speed
Ben Hazell | KONA COG 10-51T . . . That’s a lot of gears!
Ben Hazell | KONA COG Arran chose to swap out the red DT Swiss graphics for the stealthy black option
Ben Hazell | KONA COG These XTR hubs are still a rare sighting but damn do they look awesome
Ben Hazell | KONA COG Maxxis Minions with all the bells & whistles
Ben Hazell | KONA COG Some serious braking force going through these calipers
Ben Hazell | KONA COG New shiny Shimano levers sit nicely on these Joystick carbon handlebars
Ben Hazell | KONA COG 150mm Travel Fox Transfer post is the perfect length for Arran
Ben Hazell | KONA COG SQlab 611 Saddle with some nice detailing
Ben Hazell | KONA COG A 2019 Dreambuild wouldn’t be complete without the 30th Anniversary top cap
Ben Hazell | KONA COG

Isle of Light

Words and photos by Kona Ambassador Tim Wiggins.

All of a sudden it happens… the evenings are long enough to ride after work, and there is the possibility of a dawn ride without needing to fit night-piercing headlamps. The winter is behind us. Long live the springtime.

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG

This is the season of colour and contrast, riding at home on the Isle of Wight; the blue of the ocean horizon, the green of the hills, and the vibrant shades of trail-side blossom.

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG

I have been making the most of the extra hours of daylight and the improved trail conditions to get out on the Kona Hei Hei CR/DL.

This bike. It owns the trail. It is lightning fast both up and down, and brings a smile to my face everytime I throw a leg over it. I am already mapping out some great summer adventures on it; taking me off the beaten track, and into some unfamiliar territories.

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG

The sun is shining. Let’s go explore.

CX Magazine Reviews the Libre DL

Cyclocross Magazine has been cruising around gravel roads, singletrack, and pavement aboard the 2019 Libre DL for the past couple of months. The verdict?

“If you are looking for a gravel bike that has a slant toward the off-road adventure, the Libre DL has plenty of flare and deserves a look. The Libre DL with 700x wheels is light and nimble, with great geometry to keep the bike stable should you strap a load to all the lashing points on the bike.”
– Clifford Lee, CX Magazine

You can read the full review over on the CX Magazine Website.

Caleb Smith | KONA COG