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Kids: Get Ready to Rip with the Honzo 20, 24 and Process 24!

We had such great feedback from our revamp of our kids’ bikes last year that we had to keep it going. We’ve brought back the kid-friendly versions of some of our favorite bikes ready to shred with your growing riding buddies!

When you’re a kid, there’s simply nothing better than riding a bike. Whether exploring the freedom of the neighborhood, the local trails or hanging with mom and dad on a family ride, a bike opens up the world. Kona’s kids’ bikes are built to last and spec’d to ride well across all types of terrain, from the sidewalk to the bike park.

Honzo 24

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG

Some people love riding hardtails for life! Why not get ‘em started young? The Honzo 24 is the perfect foray into a long lineage of durable hardtails. Double-walled wheels with classy tan Vee rubber tires provide durability and stiffness for bigger hits. An air-sprung 65mm travel fork provides supple suspension while hydraulic disc brakes provide powerful stopping. The Honzo 24 brings the Kona legend to the kids!

Honzo 20

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG

Imagine being a little kid again and riding bikes with your parents or older siblings. Everything they did made an impression. Their style, their bikes. The Honzo 20 brings the magic of a hardtail to the youngest riders. With a Shimano 1x drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes, tan-walled tires, and an air-sprung suspension fork, the Honzo 20 is one ripping little machine!

Process 24

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG

Kids these days! They’re faster and more daring than ever before, so they need a bike that can keep up with their progression. We’ve designed the Process 24 with similar geometry characteristics as our full-size bikes in order to make it incredibly fun on the trails. 100mm of front and rear suspension is custom-tuned for lighter riders. Powered by a Shimano Deore 1x drivetrain, the Process 24 is ready to get rowdy with the groms!

A 24-Hour Solo Hat Trick for Cory Wallace!

Kona Adventure team rider Cory Wallace has won his third consecutive 24-hour solo World Championship title this past weekend in Brazil. He completed 460km and finished a full lap ahead of second place. Cory road the Hei Hei CR DL to the victory in what is considered the ultimate mental and physical test.

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG

“It is surreal to have claimed a 3rd straight 24 HR World title.  It seems like just yesterday I was winning the first one in Italy. Brazil was a tough race with some hot conditions but over the years I’ve learned to be patient and to attack when the other riders are at there lows. This race played out in my favour as the body was firing on all cylinders after a great preparation this season, first in Nepal and then back in North and Central America.  I was confident coming into this year’s race that if I could stay healthy and keep the stomach in line that things would play out in my favour.  

Running two identical Kona Hei Hei’s were the perfect bikes for the fast and rough conditions in Brazil. I’m very grateful for the support I have had over the years from my friends and family and the sponsorship support, lead by Kona Bikes which has enabled me to chase this dream and given me so many opportunities to succeed.   Big shout out to Seth Cox for building my race bike last minute and my pit crew, long time buddy Leighton Poidevin, Candace Bourque from the Okanagan 24, and Hiran from Radical Lights!
Off to Rio to soak this one in on the beaches of Copacabana for a few days before jetting off to Colorado for the Breck Epic!” -Cory Wallace

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG