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The LostCo Rides the 134!

If you haven’t tuned in to the Lost Co’s YouTube channel, do yourself a favor and check it out. Mike, the owner of the Lost Co, creates some of the most in-depth reviews of the bikes he sells that you’ll find anywhere on the internet. For his latest project, he rode the Process 134 and compared it to the Process 153. For those of you wondering which bike is a better fit for you, perhaps this video will help you make up your mind.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

Words by Ambassador Brookyn Bell. Photo by Matt Robeke.

Into the cycle I go.

One of the goals for this season of riding was let it all wash over me. To be all in. To live by the dirt.

Last week I logged my 100th day on bikes since April. Documenting every day like a crazy person.

Some days were devoted to connecting with the dirt while others were devoted to fitness. Days devoted to the steep, the fast and the chutes that fall into nowhere.

Some days didn’t even feel like riding. I was lost in my mind, in human connection, in the trailside stories. Some days gravity or time didn’t exist.

The days leading up to my 100th day were some of the most memorable. Last weekend I remember sitting by the river post-race, almost in tears. The almost tears that ask why? Why would I be so lucky to ride?

Wash, rinse and Repeat 🤘🏽✨

The Process 134 is Making Waves!

The Process 134 has been out less than a week and it’s already garnering some top attention from the media. Have you checked them out yet? Here is what the press is saying about the 134.

“Things come natural to the 134. It’s comfy climbing fire roads or steep, technical single track. It’s happy meandering along, or going hard, and it handles the same whether you’re elbows-out, over-the-bars pinning it down the first descent of the day, or you’re just trying to survive the fourth.
Ryan Palmer, Bike Magazine

“The 140mm Pike never felt undergunned, and delivered a very good blend of comfort and support. I’ll often start daydreaming about putting a longer travel fork on a bike like this in order to increase its downhill capabilities, but at the end of the two days of riding I realized that thought hadn’t even crossed my mind, a testament to the bike’s ready-for-anything demeanor.
Mike Kazimer, Pinkbike

“Handling was predictable and the bike was a ton of fun to ride – it gets out of your way and lets you point it and go, happy to eat up stutter bumps and g-outs, and offering up plenty of traction and stability.”
Pete Roggeman, NSMB 

“The Process 134 has a lively ride that easily pops off jumps, and it rockets out of corners when you come out cranking. More than any other bike I’ve ridden, the Process demonstrated to me how solid mid-stroke support is a characteristic I like in an all-purpose trail bike.”
-Steve Fisher, Bike Rumor

“A wise man once said that you’ve got to get up to get down, or something like that. He was talking about bikes, right? A bike that climbs this well should be expected to have some compromise on the descent – maybe nervous in this or that terrain, or perhaps scary on the steeps? No, not the Process 134. Point this bike at most anything you want, it will not back down or leave you shook.”
Brad Howell, VitalMTB

Vital even produced this super informative video featuring product manager Ian Schmitt.