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Lost and Found by Markus Zieher

Words by Ambassador Markus Zieher

It´s that Time of the year again when the sun sets down early. We are moving towards winter.

That means short or no evening sessions at the Dirt Jumps cause we lost the sun light.

Nico Le Carré | KONA COG

But @s-trails_2.0 found a solution. He „just“ built some kind of floodlighting to keep the sessions rolling. Furthermore he installed lights to color up the jumps.

Riding the lit Jumps onboard the petrol colored Kona Shonky ST feels like an actual Partyride.

There is no need to travel to have more light in the evening cause we can have the longest Day at home riding our Jumps.

Probably @s-trails_2.0 lost his mind, but he found it in a good way.

Lets see whats next.

My Kona: Lacy Kemp

Everyone knows Bellingham is a pretty sweet place to ride a bike. But, it’s also a pretty sweet place to live out your trail dog retirement life. Kona Communications Manager Lacy Kemp has an old dog named Roscoe. In his heyday, Roscoe was the epitome of badass trail slayer. He’d hit jumps, rally technical sections, and charge down crazy cliff lines, leaving the rest of the pack in the dust. At nearly 11 years old Roscoe is just about done with biking, but he still manages to get out for “Old Man Laps” with Lacy a few times a month. Sure he’s slow, and barely ever breaks out of a trot, but this is one seriously happy dog. We should all be so lucky to live a life like his.

When Roscoe isn’t along for the ride, Lacy cruises all around the Pacific Northwest for riding. Still, the phrase, “There’s no place like home,” rings true. With Galbraith in the back yard, it’s easy to pop out for a pre-work ride, lunch ride, post-work ride, night ride, snow ride… you get the point. Get to know Lacy (and Roscoe!) better in the latest from the My Kona series.

Lacy Kemp | KONA COG