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the-geekFrom the reasoning of the Dawg name to the best comic book authors, from the history of the Hot to a timeline of industrial music, Cory has the trivia, and the opinions to mouth off about it.

Last night I was in my garage, working on bikes. This isn’t a new thing, or even an uncommon thing. My friend was over getting his bike tuned up, and we were drinking some fine, canned macrobrews. He’s not much of a bike geek, and well, I obviously am. Since we were in my garage and working on bikes, the topic of discussion revolved around bikes most of the night. He asked lots of questions about different things on my different bikes, and I explained why what went where, or my reasoning on various parts, designs and ideas. (And my increasing love for riveted saddles)

After one of these moments, my friend looked at me and said, “You definitely have the perfect job for you.” I laughed finished swapping handlebars on my Hei Hei 2-9, and opened another beer. Later, as I was going to bed, I thought about that statement. He’s right. I can’t think of another job or career I’d rather have. I get to talk about bikes for a living. Sometimes, I even get to ride bikes for a living!

Most people don’t want to think about work after they leave, but most of us obsess over bikes at and away from work at Kona. We even hang out outside of work, riding bikes, talking about bikes, and as I said, obsessing about bikes. I’m not claiming that we’re unique in that regard. It was the same case when I worked in a shop. Lots of shops have this, and lots of groups do, too. It was just a casual observation from a friend that’s starting to get into bikes, and made me very happy the more I thought about it. We have cool jobs here, and I really do look forward to work in the morning. I also look forward to the end of the day, when I can ride bikes, work on bikes, learn about bikes, and tell my buddies that don’t work at Kona about these bikes. I wouldn’t call it an obsession, but it’s close.

Little Shop of Horrors

Little Shop of Horrors

The garage in cleaner days

The garage in cleaner days

5 thoughts on “A Glimpse Into My Geekery

  1. jasper9 says:

    is that a ~2001 Kona Major Jake in the background there??? I got one off Craigslist last year and revived it with SRAM Rival bits. Going to rail the front range on it this year!

  2. admin says:

    Yes, that is. That’s also the same bike that is now pink in the first photo. It’s the bike i’ve held onto the longest.

  3. jasper9 says:

    awww no freaking way – hot pink major jake, that’s hot! i’m so close to adding that new hottness Major One to the stable to keep the aging Jake company

  4. dan b says:

    dude its been along time a couple 2-3 years now since i last saw u at whistler, i no-longer work at the shop i did n the new shop dont carry KONA:( but hey i love my job i love being a wrench i love bikes mtn bikes commutin bikes whatever the lifestyle is the best! we are the luckiest bastards on earth we get paid 4 this!!! the last time i saw you we were both leavin whistler and both insanely hung-over! you guys at kona are the best dale p was my rep but you guys let me bring my girl with me to the whistler event 2X and gave her a lift ticket n a bike 2 ride. she had a blast n ofcourse i did whistler is my favorite place on earth im from ct so its tuff 4 me to get out there but shes from b.c. we no longer date but i just wanted to say whats up n thanx 4 affirming that us geeks in the industry do have the perfect jobs!! tell dale p i said whats up, and take care brother! dan b niantic bay bicycles formerly of another shop that will remain nameless too bad you guys dont do the product launch in whistler anymore that was the sh*t! thanks again and katherine thanks you 4 the hospitality as well i had a hangover 4 like 3days the last time i partied with the kona guys…. good times peace buddy!

  5. Bryan Malley says:

    Cory! Good article dude and I love you shop, the carpet is a nice feature 🙂 It also looks pretty organized in there.

    Havn’t seen you in a while, hope all is well. I’ll have to make an excuse to come stop by the Kona Headquarters again sometime soon.


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