Andreu is going huge on “We are Family” shoot.

If you ever wonder how guys like Andreu Lacndeguy keep pushing the levels up further and further… it is by stepping up to the plate, growing a pair and hitting it out of the park. On your own terms. This is just a sampling of what he’s been doing in the down season. All of the shots are from his little big brother Lluis.

It is for a Redbull shoot in Girona Spain and it consisted of 16 metre step down to a 12 metre (FMX Super Kicker) double. The results are close to moto style airs on his signature Lacondeguy bike. Flatspin/superman Seat Grab Indy airs, ultra flat 3 spins and a few other tricks that he has in his bag.

Check out some of these shots and I can’t stress enough that this is only the beginning.

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2 thoughts on “Andreu is going huge on “We are Family” shoot.

  1. Chevy Chase says:

    On a hardtail no less!

  2. Marcel says:

    Se não me engano ele tinha reclamado que as rampas estavam pequenas d no Crankworx…Go big Lacon bro’s

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