2013 Sneak Peek – The Rove, Kona’s New Drop Bar All-Terrain Time Machine

The 2013 Rove Prototype build, Kona’s new drop bar Cromoly all-terrain do-it-aller.

The Bike:
When it comes to “Monster Cross” or “Gravel Grinder” bikes, we wanted to design a ride that would excel on as many rough surfaces as we could throw at it. Everything from bumpy backroads to dusty highways, with all forms of irregularity in between. A bike that could go on a month long tour one day, ride to school the next, then race cross on the weekend. The Rove is all about filling that slot…or slots we should say. Featuring large tire clearance, eyelets for racks and fenders, and mechanical disc brakes, the Rove’s Kona Cromoly frameset is all about doing a lot with a little, and having boatloads of everywhere fun along the way.

Spec/frame Highlights:
• Sram Apex drivetrain with 36-46t, 11-32t gearing and 110mm BCD
• 44cm Kona Road bar
• Kona Cromoly straight blade fork, with oversized crown, low-rider mounts, and IS disc mounts
• 700x35c Freedom Ryder tires
• Hayes V-Series CX-5 mechanical disc brakes with 140mm rotors
• Key geometry numbers: 435mm chainstays, 73° seat tube, 72° headtube, and a 58.5cm toptube (size 59cm).
• It’s also important to note that the frame will accept a 700x45c tire without fenders, or a 40c with fenders
• Six sizes: 47, 49, 53, 56, 59, 61cm

Based on extensive testing in and around our Ferndale, WA product development offices—on everything from full-on singletrack to rough rural roads—we’re extremely happy with the versatility and ride feel of the bike. It doesn’t ride low, like some bikes in the category. It’s aggressive yet comfortable, nimble but sturdy. Priced at $1699USD, the Rove will be launched with Kona’s new 2013 collection and will be available late summer 2012.

Kona Cromoly straight blade fork with fender and rack eyelets, 40c tire pictured

Front disc brake mount: Hayes V-Series CX-5 mechanical disc brakes with 140mm rotors

Rear disc brake mount: Hayes V-Series CX-5 mechanical disc brakes with 140mm rotors

Rear stays with fender and rack eyelets. Clearance for a 700x45c tire without fenders, or a 40c with fenders

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35 Responses to 2013 Sneak Peek – The Rove, Kona’s New Drop Bar All-Terrain Time Machine

  1. Steve says:

    Make a model in Ti with upgraged components please! Don’t make me by a Fargo….

  2. Brendan says:

    No thanks…

  3. Patrik says:

    Just what I’ve been looking for. Guess I need to wait a few more months.

  4. fuzzy lazyleo says:

    So Freeeeging awesome! love you guys !

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  6. Bob Lasky says:

    Love it. Looks like it would be an all around perfect bike. Great commuter. Pleas make some nice bright colors. Orange would be nice.

  7. Mulger Bill says:

    Damn! I thought my tricked up Dew Drop was the sweetest, toughest disc braked bike on and off the road, until now! Steel IS real!! I hope clearcoat bare steel is offered, it looks abloodymazing.

    If you blokes need a tester downunder… :-D

  8. Throwaway_bicyling says:

    Interesting. I bought a 2011 Kona Sutra, but I see that for my purposes this might have done as well or better, except that there is a bit of sticker shock… So when my Sutra wears out in, what, 25 years or so, I might take a stab at this.

  9. dave says:

    at last..a perfect bike! battleship grey,orange, or john deere green pleeeze!

  10. Rocky says:

    At last, a steel cx bike from a company that builds “man size” frames. Now I just need a Rove Supreme, stick some 631 tubes in there and a carbon fork and you can have my bank account number.

  11. InfectionPatrol says:

    I love this “category,” and I know you guys will do a great job. It’s going to need the braze-ons though. One thing I love about my Jake is the 2 sets of braze-ons at the rear drop-out for fenders and a rack. And even threads at all the points for fenders, which looks so clean. With discs, low-riders on the front rack and cushy boots, all the little things are going to add up to an awesome ride!

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  13. Troy Junge says:

    I have got six years out of my Jake the Snake and this year is the upgrade year.
    THis is an interesting build – few people are choosing the Hayes Mechanical Disc because Avid have done such a dominate job with their BB7′s.
    I am hoping this bike is not really heavy compared to the EASTON Jake I have…and I worry that steel fork is going to impact on us commuters, where a cargo build would give some bump compliance.
    Perhaps there is a disc Jake the Snake coming and I won’t have to worry about the finishing touches…..

  14. Bill Meyers says:

    This is looking like my upgrade touring/race machine – can you say “honey badger” A solid color scheme means business – go for a solid orange like my 99 jake the snake. How about bringing back the aloha head badge design for real retro appeal?

  15. Tracy says:

    I have the 46 Dew Drop and love the Avid’s braking power. No point in changing what’s working well. I do a lot of heavy hauling so it would be nice to see a larger rotor for peace of mind. It would be cool if you offer it in solid neutral tones like brown, grey, and I’d buy it without hesitation if it comes in black — my fave! =)

  16. Tim says:

    Keep the Marathon’s and add a Alphine alternative and my next bike is decided!

  17. Mike O says:

    I hope that you spec a good wheelset. Most disc cross setups are stocking cheap crap.

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  27. Sander says:

    Beautiful. Just needs a triple crankset to be ready for loaded touring!

  28. Brent says:

    Why does it say the specs are going to be SRAM? The top picture clearly looks like Shimano. Please spec one of these with a 105 gruppo.

  29. rob says:

    what took you so long? :)

    I wonder why disc-equipped drop-barred bikes are not more common. Well I guess not everybody lives in the pacific northwest.

    Looks like the perfect urban bomber/commuter for those who want some performance

  30. Jan says:

    If you need a test driver, just send me a mail :-) ! Would love to have it in the garage ….. And yes, some bright colors please !!!

  31. Dan says:

    Dear Kona,

    Please go with a retro paint job on this one, perhaps with the original script.


  32. Brent says:

    What is the bottom bracket spec? Will it be BB30? Please.

  33. Bell Lap says:

    That’s exactly what I need! I agree – it needs to be orange.

  34. chris donahugh says:

    What is the spec on rear spacing?

  35. TDona says:

    new specs on web say max tire is 40mm????