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Old Konas Never Die

Even when they’ve been run through the ringer. Be it a run in with a car, an errant rock, or simply the end of a hard, long, full life, a beautiful thing is always just that. Beautiful.

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NYC. The Place to Be

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Joe Smith Pinning it in Speed Kings

More Mountain Biking Videos

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“Some bikes don’t make much of a sound when they land at towers, and nestle quietly in the corner until they’re sent out to be tested. Not this one though, it’s a bike that likes to be centre stage … Continue reading

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Erik Tonkin Spins Deep into NYC

Down Town I was pedaling south through Manhattan on a warm, sunny Sunday, wrapping up the NYC Velo monthly road ride. We went by Times Square and then Union Square, right through a mass of folks engaged in an un-choreographed … Continue reading

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MBR Likes Improvements to 2011 Abra Cadabra

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Superprestige 2nd place in Gavere for Helen Wyman

Helen Wyman finished 2nd today in the Superprestige event held in Gavere, Belgium. It was a strong performance by Wyman who took the lead directly from the start. “I felt ok and got away well. I didn’t attack to get … Continue reading

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Holland Cycling Mafia

Just so everybody knows, one of Kona’s owners is a hard core bike commuter. He’s also Dutch. Go figure. So, you may have seen a post yesterday featuring mountain bikers in an Audi commercial. Well, Jake isn’t so down with … Continue reading

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Sweet Ad

Not sure if there are any Konas in this ad, but it doesn’t really matter. It’s awesome.

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Tonkin Opines Staten Island Cross

Cross in Shaolin! I didn’t know quite what to expect of the Staten Island Cyclocross. It turns out the least understood burough wasn’t exactly the rest of the city’s dumping zone, and Wu Tang Clan was nowhere to be seen … Continue reading

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Horse Bikes?

We’re thinking about them. So fun the ride. But how do we do something different? How do we break out of your typical horse bike mold?

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Day in the Life of Chopper

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