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Kona Dream Builds: A Raijin Ti that’s sure to catch your Eye

If you are a fan of Titanium Hardtails, then brace yourself as this one is set to make you go weak at the knees!

This Raijin Ti 29er Singlespeed custom build was put together for one very lucky customer by the guys at the Kona Bike Shop in the U.K. Rich the mechanic there said that it was ‘built with love’ as he spent hours carefully slotting together the pieces of this pretty awesome puzzle. Only the finest parts were used and the result is most certainly an eye catcher.

Rich also mentioned that the customer wanted a lightweight, simple hardtail and that he was set on it on the Raijin as thanks to the sliding Dropouts, it allowed him to run it Singlespeed.

Ben Hazell | KONA COG
Ben Hazell | KONA COG Beautiful in it’s simplicity . . .
Ben Hazell | KONA COG The combination of Silver/Gold and Orange works so well
Ben Hazell | KONA COG The super Lightweight XC Focused Raijin Titanium
Ben Hazell | KONA COG Fox Factory 34’s provide some serious squish at the front end
Ben Hazell | KONA COG The golden Kashima coat ties in nicely with this colour theme
Ben Hazell | KONA COG Carbon Sram XO Crankset keeps the weight down
Ben Hazell | KONA COG Sliding Dropouts allow the Raijin to be set up Singlespeed without the need for a Chain Tensioner
Ben Hazell | KONA COG Orange Hope kit is plentiful on the Raijin, including V4 Brakeset & Pro4 Hubs
Ben Hazell | KONA COG Braided Hoses too for that extra stopping power
Ben Hazell | KONA COG Rotors that perfectly match up to the Hubs – perfection
Ben Hazell | KONA COG Maxxis Ikon Skinwalls not only look fantastic, but also keep the weight and rolling resistance to a minimum
Ben Hazell | KONA COG Kashima coated Fox Transfer Dropper Post looks well at home on this build
Ben Hazell | KONA COG Renthal Bar & Stem make up the cockpit
Ben Hazell | KONA COG

Kona Dream Builds: Superb Steel – Jorge’s Sutra LTD

This post is a part of our Dream Build Series. Start your own dream build here!

When you are used to being around the finer things in life, then only the best will do. That was very much the case for Jorge, Hotel Director of the luxurious Pig Hotel in the New Forest and his Sutra LTD.

Having been a long time Kona fan and also in the market for a seriously comfortable steel gravel bike with bike packing capabilities, it was always going to be a match made in Heaven. The all new sparkly paint job combined with the ultra-comfy riding position of this year’s Sutra LTD was enough to convince him that the Sutra LTD was the one.

Jorge quickly set about making the bike his own, adding his favorite Panaracer Gravelking tires, matching Brookes Cambium Saddle, Chris King headset, and an Absolute Black oval chainring. He then added a few upgrades to make his LTD a little more prepared for those bike packing trips. On top of installing a wider range of gearing for when the bike is fully loaded, he’s added a Carradice bag set (only the front was attached at the time we shot the photos) and an Exposure Revo Dynamo front Light & Hub, this thing will even charge his phone!

Ben Hazell | KONA COG
Ben Hazell | KONA COG That sparkly paint job really pops in direct sunlight
Ben Hazell | KONA COG Appropriately suave luggage from Carradice
Ben Hazell | KONA COG For those super long rides, you need a reliable, bright Headlight . . .
Ben Hazell | KONA COG . . which you never have to worry about running out of juice
Ben Hazell | KONA COG Like many others, Jorge favours the Oval Chainring
Ben Hazell | KONA COG Big range of Gears for when the bike is fully loaded up
Ben Hazell | KONA COG Panaracer Gravelking SK Tubeless Tyres match up nicely
Ben Hazell | KONA COG Who doesn’t love a little bling factor?!?
Ben Hazell | KONA COG Hope for the best – Prepare for the worst
Ben Hazell | KONA COG Hope rear Hub adds a level of reassurance on those long excursions
Ben Hazell | KONA COG Brown Cambium Saddle matches well and gives some serious comfort
Ben Hazell | KONA COG Cinelli Tape for that personal touch

Kona Dream Builds: Martin’s mean, Green Dirt Jump Machine

This is one Shonky that is sure to make you quite literally Green with Envy. Martin is a Mechanic at long time Kona Dealer, Mitchell Cycles, and has always been a fan of the Brand. When he got in touch and said that he’d finished putting together what in his eyes was ‘the perfect Shonky’, we had to go check it out.

I mean look at this thing, it just oozes style from every angle! Martin’s build includes Rockshox Reba RL Forks, Hope X2 Rear Brake with the Tech 3 Lever, Gusset 3 Piece Cranks/Half Link Chain, Renthal Bars and those sweet looking Schwalbe Table Top Skinwall Tyres.

As if this Shonky wasn’t cool enough, Martin has also added some rad homemade dust caps and the infamous ‘Punisher’ head badge!

Ben Hazell | KONA COG
Ben Hazell | KONA COG
Ben Hazell | KONA COG Enough braided hose for at least a few bar spins . . .
Ben Hazell | KONA COG That red Half Link chain matches perfectly with the Hope brake caliper & rotor
Ben Hazell | KONA COG Awesome little trick to keep the fork lock out in the open position
Ben Hazell | KONA COG Mega stopping power from the Hope Tech 3 Lever
Ben Hazell | KONA COG What custom build doesn’t have custom made dust caps?!?
Ben Hazell | KONA COG The slammed saddle just clears these Schwalbe Skinwalls

Kona Dream Builds: Arran’s “Awesome whether Riding or Posing” Process

We’ve already seen some pretty top end Process builds but Arran has definitely stepped it up a notch with this one. When he approached the guys at Boost Bike Hub and told them he not only wanted to order a top of the range 2019 Process 153 CR/DL 27.5, but that he also wanted to equip it with Shimano’s brand new XTR 12-speed drivetrain, brakeset and hubs, they naturally couldn’t wait to get started!

Ben Hazell | KONA COG

Other trick upgrades include DT Swiss EX511/471 rims, Joystick carbon handlebar/stem combo, Ergon grip, and SQlab saddle.

Before he could even ride it, it had to also be Invisiframed in order to protect that sweet paintjob. Arran lives in the U.K. but frequently takes his bikes down to the Alps in France so they need to be transport safe.

Ben Hazell | KONA COG The ultimate starting block for any Dream Build – The Process Frame

Ben Hazell | KONA COG Arran chose to run Raceface’s Sixc Carbon Crankset mated to a Burgtec 12-speed Narrow/Wide Ring
Ben Hazell | KONA COG The best that Shimano has to offer – XTR 12-Speed
Ben Hazell | KONA COG 10-51T . . . That’s a lot of gears!
Ben Hazell | KONA COG Arran chose to swap out the red DT Swiss graphics for the stealthy black option
Ben Hazell | KONA COG These XTR hubs are still a rare sighting but damn do they look awesome
Ben Hazell | KONA COG Maxxis Minions with all the bells & whistles
Ben Hazell | KONA COG Some serious braking force going through these calipers
Ben Hazell | KONA COG New shiny Shimano levers sit nicely on these Joystick carbon handlebars
Ben Hazell | KONA COG 150mm Travel Fox Transfer post is the perfect length for Arran
Ben Hazell | KONA COG SQlab 611 Saddle with some nice detailing
Ben Hazell | KONA COG A 2019 Dreambuild wouldn’t be complete without the 30th Anniversary top cap
Ben Hazell | KONA COG