Kona’s Lacy Kemp Featured in Freehub Magazine’s Pillars Series

Freehub Magazine has launched a new web series called Pillars, highlighting the people that help define the local mountain bike community. Bellingham is home to several bike companies and this first piece features an employee from both Kona and Transition. Check out what makes Kona’s Communications Manager, Lacy Kemp, a Bellingham Pillar.



“Every community has its cornerstones, the people making forward progression possible. Bellingham, WA, has a thriving mountain bike scene with so many people contributing in every possible way imaginable. However, there are a few who epitomize the community as a whole, simply through their actions.” – Freehub Magazine

Aggy Hits Bend Oregon with Storch and Sorge

Graham “Aggy” Agassiz recently joined up with his Giro teammates to escape Kamloops’ winter with a little Fest preview session and some big mountain lines down in Bend, Oregon.

“Last time I was here was for Black Sage,” said Agassiz. “It’s a killer venue for the Fest series, but I didn’t get to explore any of the terrain that Carson has been raving about. This time we spent a full week exploring Carson’s favorite spots and he didn’t disappoint.”

Check out the full story on PinkBike


“perhaps the beginning of the reinvention of the road bike market with a focus towards more versatile and adventurous experiences” Off-Road.cc Rates the new Roves

In early October Off-Road.cc joined Kona in Southern Spain to test Kona’s new Rove line of bikes and more. Check out their first impression of the Roves here or by clicking the image below.

“The question that has to be asked then is this: just what is the new Rove for? In my view, you can do anything on this bike – but the clue is probably in the tyres. Yes, they are high-volume but they are slicks and designated as Road Plus. I would describe this bike as an extension of the road endurance concept – a road bike you can do more on.

Kona hasn’t pushed the boundaries of what is possible with a gravel bike, but they’ve created a bike that is happy across a broad spectrum of riding and perhaps the beginning of the reinvention of the road bike market with a focus towards more versatile and adventurous experiences.”

“The Sutra LTD Was Born for Adventure” Velo De Route Reviews the Sutra LTD (French)

Amaël Donnet from the French magazine Velo De Route recently joined us in the Andalusian region of Spain for three days of on-road/off-road drop bar good times aboard Kona’s new Rove, Sutra and Jake bikes. It seems that the Sutra LTD managed to seduce him like it has so many others. Learn more about Amaël‘s love affair with the Sutra LTD by reading his full review here or clicking the image below.

“Le Sutra ltd est né pour vivre l’aventure et pour jouer avec le terrain, pas pour faire le malin sur Strava!”

Are you the next Kona Communications Manager?

The Kona Bicycle Company is looking for a full-time Communications Manager to work in our global Marketing & Communications Department. 

Applicants must be able to write copy and produce all types of contemporary content at an expert level, ride bikes like the wind, work well with a team, be not afraid to dig in and get their hands dirty, travel to very cool locations to a) work first and, b) ride second, and live in Bellingham, Washington, or Vancouver BC. Here’s a breakdown of everything to do with this job and how to apply.

Job Title Communications Manager
Reports To Eddy Marcelet – Director of Integration
Location Vancouver, BC or Bellingham, WA
(Well…it’s Ferndale and not Bellingham, but Bellingham sounds more exotic, so there you go. It’s also important to note that these offices act as bases, but most work in the marketing & communications group is done by staff working remotely and, 
within reason, our new Communications Manager would have this same ability.)

Kona Communications Manager – Roles and Responsibilities

Overarching Mandate

  • Help run the communications department and develop Kona’s future marketing plans and projects
  • Write all the words


  • Make press launches happen and even host them sometimes
  • Tell the world about Kona’s new products, news, and happenings


  • Help with ad campaigns and budgets. It’s fun and we have lots of pictures
  • Work with our design team and get creative
  • Write all ad copy


  • Write all text associated with bikes, platforms and technology
  • Work with the involved groups on naming bikes and platforms. This might be the hardest part of the job, but we need someone in charge of settling all the debates


  • Help establish our overarching video program and plans
  • Make good videos and share in their conception, direction and production


  • Work with our team to curate an epic collection of photos for use in all our materials and storytelling

Social Media

  • Head up all social media broadcast through Kona’s channels
  • Help us grow, nurture and engage our social community because we know there is nothing better than a Kona fan and the world needs more of them
  • Ensure a consistent flow of content


  • Manage and write all dealer, consumer and press-specific newsletters


  • Produce and write all presentations
  • MC product/press launches


  • Participate in all sorts of meetings

Misc Communication

  • There’s a whole slew of stuff that doesn’t fit into a specific category. Basically, just be the right person when that person is needed. Everyone at Kona wears a ton of different hats. We are a small company

Required Qualifications 

  • 3-5 years experience in the bike industry
  • 3-5 years experience writing and copywriting
  • Even more experience social media’ing
  • Some compelling evidence of advanced writing and critical thinking skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Planning and organizational skills, ability to multi-task and prioritize
  • A strong sense of integrity and responsibility
  • Avid cyclists only—speak the language and understand the sport
  • Skills in Microsoft Office, Adobe CS, and modern cloud-based services like DropBox
  • Experience with photo and video software
  • Native fluency in English, but add German and French to that and things could really get exciting

The work schedule will include a decent amount of travel and some work on weekends. Don’t worry, we’ll make it worth your while.

If this sounds interesting and you are the type who doesn’t flinch at the idea of diving into a blender while it’s running (i.e. working in a fast-paced environment), then Kona might be the place for you.

Contact this guy: Eddy Marcelet
email: konabikesjobs at gmail dot com (solving this riddle is required if you want to apply)



The Kona Demo Tour is Back on the Road with New 2018 Bikes!

The fall swing of the Kona Demo Tour gets started next week! Want to swing a leg over a new 2018 Kona, including the all-new Process G2, Remote, and Rove NRB?

Your first chance is this upcoming Wednesday, September 13th at Sun Mountain in Winthrop, Washington! Meet up with us at the Chickadee parking lot to swing your leg over a great selection of our 2018 models. For more info see the flyer below or hit up Methow Cycle Sport.

For further demo dates, check out our Demo Tour page as well as the Kona Facebook Events page.

Dirt Rag Reviews the Kona Hei Hei Trail DL: “This bike has all day epic adventure written all over it.”

Karl Rosengarth from Dirt Rag is normally in charge of Dirt Rag’s beer reviews, but for this special occasion was granted the task of reviewing a Hei Hei Trail for his friends at Kona. Here’s a taste of Karl’s experience with the bike:

“The Hei Hei Trail DL is a great all-arounder that pedals like a rockstar and has enough swag to bail you out when the going gets rough.”

“The Hei Hei Trail leaped over logs with the greatest of ease and snapped through tight singletrack with a dexterity that was totally instinctive.”

Head over to Dirt Rag to read the full review.

An Update from Connor Fearon as Three Kona Gravity Riders Prepare for the DH World Champs in Cairns

Earlier this week the Australian National DH team was announced and Kona Gravity team rider Connor Fearon made the list along with teammates Josh Button and Tegan Molloy. You may be wondering what Connor’s been up to recently and may have noticed his absence from the World Cup in Mont Sainte Anne.

We caught up with Connor and Kona Gravity team manager Mathieu Dupelle in Squamish during the North American Kona Ride launch to get the scoop on the situation. Connor gave it to us straight:

“Alright, so way back at Andorra World Cup I crashed 3 corners from the finish in my race run. For the next few days my hand was pretty swollen and sore from the crash but I could still ride and thought whatever was wrong would heal.

After 3 weeks of it really slowly getting better I got x-rays to see if anything was broken. Turns out my little finger was pretty much broken in half and I had to get a little surgery to put wires into my finger to keep it straight. This really sucked because it would mean I miss out on MSA and Val di Sole. These are the first and second World Cup I’ve ever missed since starting in 2011 (42 World Cup starts).

Thankfully, my hand will be 100% by cairns world champs. I’m so determined that this injury will not slow me down at that race. I can still do most of my training and my full focus is now on world champs!” – Connor Fearon

Mathieu weighed in with his side as the team manager for one of the most consistent riders on the World Cup circuit:

“Unfortunately, this is disappointing for Connor, but it’s part of every pro athlete’s career at some point to have to step down from a couple events to get better. Thankfully, he will be OK for the World Championships in Cairns, in his home country of Australia. He’s been looking forward to this particular race for the last couple of years.

Connor is a smart, hard working person that is determined with what he wants. He will do everything in his power to be 110% ready for the World Champs and will be even hungrier for a good result since he will have missed the last two World Cup races.” – Mathieu Dupelle

So there you have it: an update from Connor, a particularly gnarly x-ray image, and a plan for what is arguably Connor’s biggest race of the year, the World Championships in Cairns. We look forward to watching Connor and fellow Australians Josh and Tegan represent on home turf!

Vote for Helen Wyman to win at the WOMEN’S SPORT TRUST

“My goals were to equalize the prize money for elite men and women, develop an U23 women’s category and filter through all those rules to make essential changes for the good of the sport. I also want to ensure that all professional racers have clear, set pathways to ensure they can carry out their sport at the World Cup level.”

Helen Wyman is an idol to many when it comes to women’s struggle for equality within the racing world.

Pro-cyclist and twice European champion, Helen Wyman has always been at the front of pushing for gender equality in cycling whether taking responsibility in front of the media or politically with Race Organisers, British Cycling and the UCI.
Following her recent appointment to the UCI commission, Wyman had already made a significant impact with more races now paying equal prize money to men and women, greater TV coverage and the introduction of an U23 category in the World Championships.

Helen takes her mentoring responsibilities in Cyclo-Cross and Road Cycling (for Matrix Pro Cycling) very seriously. She also dedicates much time to work with Race Organisers to help promote events such as The Women’s Tour.

See this page to vote