Erkki Punttila Reports from Germany

You may not have heard of Erkki Punttil AKA Erik Plankton, he is a Kona sponsored adventure biker based in Finland and his personal blog is what photography lovers dreams are made off. Large immersive photos capture the banal and beautiful things found roadside on his many travels. If you have a few spare minutes its well worth having a look. Click the image above or head here to be inspired. (more…)

Mbw-Kona Racing. Irish Cycling Show report (Ireland)

The Irish Cycling Show took place last weekend 18th-19th April and this year it returned to the RDS show centre in Dublin. Kona bikes as always were well represented with Dan flying in from North America and Jimbo arriving in from Europe. Mbw bike shop and Cycleways were the bike shops dealing with the customers over the two days and foot-fall in the stall was once again very impressive. Kona had a good mix of bikes. (more…)

Team Maunsell Race Report (Ireland)

Team Maunsell were in action last weekend at R1 of the Irish Gravity Enduro Series, held up on Ticknock mountain overlooking Dublin city. Leah gave this round a reluctant miss as she is busy studying for her school exams, the plan being to put in the work now so she will be able to take time away from the books to race in the Enduro World Series round 2, which is coming to Ireland at the end of May. Exciting times! (more…)

DEW FILES – Finland

After catching word that the next Dew Files would take place in Finland during the month of January, Dr Dew’s thoughts were, “Thank goodness it isn’t a Hawaiian shoot!” Welcome to winter biking’s most friendly city. With over 1,200 km of cycling routes, a little darkness and freezing temperatures doesn’t stop the thousands of Helsinki commuters who ride to work every day through rain, sleet, and snow. In this installment of the Dew Files, we take Kona’s intrepid bike designer into the heart of winter to find out just how hardy the Finns are. “The Finns show a great enthusiasm for life,” explains Dew. “Their warmth and hospitality made it feel like we were in Hawaii instead of being just outside the Arctic Circle.” Click here for more

Finland, is the land of winter biking and fun – Shop Tour

Dr. Dew and I spent a few days this winter visiting some of our dealers in Finland. We had always heard about how tough the Finnish winters are and those who ride in them. To our amazement, this legend is no myth and can now be confirmed as a true story. We saw commuters going to and from work everyday, busy bike stores selling winter gear with customers ready to pay, pub bikers rolling in city centers with lots to say, and big smiles from everyone we met along the way ! (more…)