Bike Magazine’s Bike-A-Palooza

The-switchThey’ve called it “the Great Canadian Gong Show”, and well, it is just that. A very cool idea though. The fellows at Bike Magazine have set out to test some 100 different enduro, freeride, XC and cruiser bikes in the wilds of Whistler, Squamish and Pemberton, British Columbia–during the heinous fall season no less! Whilst on a fall cycling tour myself, I managed to squeeze in for a couple of Squamish shuttles to see what I could see…

There’s some method to this madness, and one couldn’t help but be fairly impressed by the process. A team of six test riders would pass bikes back and forth, refraining from verbal comments, riding the same trail numerous times in one day, and required to fill out a detailed form at the end of each ride. At the end of the month long test, all the forms would be compiled, hopefully revealing consistent performance bonuses and shortcomings across a ton of different bikes.

I jumped in for a beautiful sunny day on the wicked downhill tracks of Squamish. While on my 2009 Stinky Deluxe I tried not to influence any of the riders trying to keep up with me on the Stinky D 2010 model, what we’re affectionally calling, the “Hammerschmidt.” A number of Kona bikes were included in the test, including the new Cadabra and the Humu, what was already being touted by the Bike testers as, “the ultimate bar bike.”

Look for the test results to come out in a future issue of Bike Magazine. To read up on their blog reports, go here.

2 thoughts on “Bike Magazine’s Bike-A-Palooza

  1. Lesser says:

    The Humu already has earned major bonus points as a Bar Bike category contender by doing what bar buddies do best—act as a wingman. That’s just what the Humu did when fellow bar bike contender, an old hack also known as ” the Sh*tbike,” rolled into Whistler for a night on the town. Since the Sh*tbike’s last adventure at CrossVegas left it with drop bars and fairly useless canti brakes, the Humu made the ultimate wingman sacrifice, and let the Sh*tbike borrow its bars.

    Gold star, Humu. Which has since been restored to its wide-bar glory and is back at it on the Village bike path night after night.

    Look for the full account in the Test Issue of Bike coming out late January.

    In addition to Bar Bikes, we’re testing the latest and greatest DH, trail, XC, All Mountain and Freeride rigs.

  2. Lesser says:

    Oh, and we’ve also got a new 100-millimeter Hei Hei in the mix, being tested this week in the XC/Marathon group.

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