Camouflage Beauty

This from our Vancouver-based man of many men, Demo Dave…

I’m in Ottawa at full cycle and I found the frame I had custom painted in 2004. It’s a 04 Stab Primo! Matt hooked me up with some 05 decals, this thing was and still sick!

2 thoughts on “Camouflage Beauty

  1. Darren Hyderman says:

    Cool…I’m the current owner of that bike. Got the note you left me at Full Cycle today.
    Small world. And yes the bike is a head turner. Nice work Dave.

  2. Nicky Pringle says:

    Are you the same Darren Hyderman whose parents are Jan and Dan? If so, I’m an old friend of your mother’s and I’d like to get in touch with her. We were neighbours at Quail Ridge in Gloucester.

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