Not Far from Home – Destination North

There’s a common saying that life is like a wave and our existence is essentially surfing whatever kind of water comes our way. Metaphorically there may not be a better way to justify the ebbs and flows of good and bad that everyone undoubtedly experiences.

Autumn on the Rothaar Trail

The Rothaar Trail is a 150 km (90 miles) long hiking trail along the crest of Germany’s “Rothaargebirge”,

Dein Ausbruch. Dein Geheimplatz. Dein Remote

Der Ort, auf den du dich die ganze Woche freust und an den du unbedingt wieder musst, wenn

“The Sutra LTD Was Born for Adventure” Velo De Route Reviews the Sutra LTD (French)

Amaël Donnet from the French magazine Velo De Route recently joined us in the Andalusian region of Spain for three

Roving the Kootenays with Morgan and Stephanie

Everyone has their own special place, and to Morgan and Stephanie of Found in the Mountains, that’s the Selkirk Mountains in British Columbia’s West Kootenays.

“Still steel. Still single. Still simple.” Dirt Rag Posts their First Impressions on the Kona Unit

Adam Newman at Dirt Rag magazine recently posted up his first impressions on the Kona Unit, their full

“This bike took us on roads we didn’t even know existed” Road Bike Action wander on the Sutra Ltd

“This bike took us on roads we didn’t even know existed” Maybe we should have sent the folks

Votre moment d’évasion. Votre caverne secrète. Votre Remote

  Votre moment d’évasion. Votre caverne secrète. Votre Remote. L’endroit où vous rêvez d’être toute la semaine, et

Kona Big Honzo e Big Honzo DL: nuovo look, nuove caratteristiche

Grande trazione, gran divertimento, grande Honzo La Big Honzo è uno dei quattro telai della serie Honzo, ed

Finding Remote with Graham Agassiz and Matt Stevens

Your escape. Your secret stash. Your remote. The place you long to be all week, and can’t wait to head out to, even if just for the day. The Kona Remote is the bike to get you there.

Introducing the All New Kona Remote with Bosch Pedal Assist

Whether you’re a fisherman, an outdoorsman, or a recreational enthusiast, the Kona Remote can take you where you want to go and get you there quickly.