Eating Up Miles and Butter Tarts on the BT700

Eastern Canada’s first official bikepacking event, the BT 700, saw a massive number of riders at the grand depart in St. Jacobs, Ontario. Whether participants came out to set records or tour the mixed surface route, everyone more than likely enjoyed some good ol’ southwestern

Dr. Seuss Meets Travel by Bike

Kona Ambassador Ryan Lindsey Bartz put together this whimsical little poetic video about her world travels and what it takes to truly find yourself when traveling by bike.

Barry Wicks Wins Inaugural Grinduro Japan

The inaugural Grinduro Japan was a wet and wild affair. With Super Typhoon Hagabis bearing down on the island, promoters and racers scrambled to try and make some sort of event happen. A small break in the storm’s arrival allowed for a truncated race to

Time Travel Through the Olympic Peninsula

Words and Images by ambassador Lita Monaghan. I recently embarked on a multi-day bike ride with an amazing group of women cyclists, as well as my husband, “The Eric,” who provided luxury SAG during the ride.  The route took us not only on a tour

Odin Wood’s Beervet Kona Unit AKA the Farmgate

We’re guessing you’ve heard of a brevet, right? No? Well a Brevet is basically a randonneuring event, one

Adventuring in the PNW with Path Less Pedaled and Swift Industries

Russ from Youtube channel Path Less Pedaled has been out in Seattle recently gathering content with the fine

Kona Dream Builds: It’s Brissness Time: Meet Cole Brisson’s Libre.

This isn’t Cole‘s first Kona Dream Build (and we damn well hope it’s not his last), a while back we featured a pretty damn amazing alloy Process from the North Carolina ripper. In that post we mentioned that Cole uses raw Kona bicycle frames as

Lost and Found on the Celtic Cross Trail

Words and photos by Ambassador Tim Wiggins. It wasn’t until I was lost for strength, in a strange hotel on

Time to Travel: A Rad Bike Adventure

Kona Ambassador Ryan Lindsay Bartz has been on an around-the-world adventure aboard her Sutra. she put together this cool little video of some of her favorite places she’s been so far. “The first 6 months of a trip around the world consolidated into 3 minutes.

ACK and Back

By James Joiner In a world where everything is always at our fingertips, islands maintain a certain mystique. Maybe we read too many pirate stories as kids, maybe it’s their inherent disconnectedness. For an island at the heart of so many fantastical adventures – Moby

Kona Dream Builds: Ponderosa Cyclery Build Jen One Amazing Rove

The crew at Ponderosa Cyclery are no strangers to building amazing bikes for their customers and the upgrades

A Step into the Finnish Archives

Bikepacker guru and Kona Ambassador Erkki Punttila has created this beautiful blog post exploring some old relics of