Kona AfricaBike

AfriKid Bikes Donated to Kenyan Primary School

Two years ago, Kona answered a call from two women working for A Better World Canada. Melissa Farahat

Ticket to Ride: 6 Organizations Changing People’s Lives with Bikes

From Babble: In 2006, bike manufacturer Kona launched the AfricaBike program. AfricaBikes are extremely durable, easy-to-repair bikes designed

Alternative Transportation – Glion Hospitality School and the Kona AfricaBike

Glion was recently commended for encouraging and facilitating the use of bicycles in the town of Bulle, where

2nd Annual AfricaBike Race, Help Get Kenyan Children on Kona Bikes!

Over the past two years Kona has been working closely with A Better World Canada to donate specially

Spot the AfricaBike in this Cel Phone Plan Ad for Metro PCS

With over 4,000 bikes donated to life-changing causes in Africa, it’s no wonder people are switching to the

Africa Bike Project – An Interview

From the TDK Talks TM Website… “Being an INNERpreneur sometimes means conceiving, driving and managing a project, from

Kona, 88Bikes and the Navajo Nation

2 years of discussion, planning and building led to a climactic confluence on September 7th and 8th when

A Better World Canada and Kona Need Your Help to Donate 500 Kids Specific AfricaBikes to Rural Kenyan Schoolchildren

  In partnership with the highly reputable charitable organization A Better World Canada, Kona has been tasked to develop

The Magic of Malawi – AfricaBike Build 2010

From Bradley Schroeder’s blog Schroedersolutions…One very early morning, a cup of coffee, a bloody Mary and three airports

AfricaBike: Transforming Rwanda

By Steve Madden, vice president of creative services and digital production development at Rodale. I can’t tell you