Kona Dream Builds

Kona Dream Builds: Green Mile, Jason’s Libre Means Business

We’ve featured Jason and his shop Chainline Bikes more than anyone else here on our Kona Dream Builds pages. The California shop churns out amazing custom builds for its customers. Today, though, we have a special treat in the form of Jason’s own Libre. As

Danger Duo! These His and Her Hei Heis Are Built For Speed!

Wendi Sebastian-Takakura and her husband Yohsuke Takakura are east coast XC racers with a penchant for 29ers, kittens, and tacos. What’s not to like? Check out their sweet his and her Hei Hei CR DLs! Wendi Sebastian-Takakura I work full time in the design/editorial field

Kona Dream Builds: Kristina’s Race Ready Hei Hei CR DL

Kristina Young is the Brand Manager at All Spoked Up in Batavia, Illinois. When she’s not trying to keep their two locations fully operational, she tries to balance bikes, bills, and mom life with her husband and two kids. I’ve ridden hardtails forever, but have

Kona Dream Builds: Caleb Holonko’s Team Issue Process 153 CR DL

You’d think if you had seen one Team Issue Process you’d have seen them all right? Well, Wrong, while Rhys Verner, Connor Fearon, and Miranda Miller’s Process bikes are all the same build, there are still a few in our team who are rocking some

Kona Dream Builds: A Raijin Ti that’s sure to catch your Eye

If you are a fan of Titanium Hardtails, then brace yourself as this one is set to make

Kona Dream Builds: Rob’s Big Honzo CR Will Make You Mint with Envy

This post is a part of our Dream Build series. To start your own dream build, click here. Rob from Vedder Mountain Bike Co in BC’s, Fraser Valley has built this absolutely stunning and pretty damn blinging Big Honzo CR. Rob wanted the bike to

Kona Dream Builds: Mactalla’s Choose Your Own Adventure Rove NRB

The folks at Mactalla Cycles have built up this super cool Kona Rove NRB DL for one of their regular customers. To say they are happy with how it turned out would be somewhat of an understatement. “The bike was built up as a weekend

Kona Dream Builds: Jeff Builds himself a Honzo ST “Forever Bike”

This post is a part of our Dream Build Series. Start your own dream build here! Jeff grew up in Tucson, AZ, riding afternoons away with friends on dirt pump tracks they built themselves. The bikes are now bigger and days are longer but Jeff and

Kona Dream Builds: Three’s Company – The Bike Station’s Staff Rides.

This post is a part of our Dream Build Series. Start your own dream build here! New Zealand Kona Dealer The Bike Station, has been posting up a number of pretty cool custom Processes of late. We reached out to them for a bit more info on one

Kona Dream Builds: Superb Steel – Jorge’s Sutra LTD

This post is a part of our Dream Build Series. Start your own dream build here! When you are used to being around the finer things in life, then only the best will do. That was very much the case for Jorge, Hotel Director of the luxurious Pig

Kona Dream Builds: Second Time’s a Charm for Cary’s Process CR 29

This post is a part of our Dream Build Series. Start your own dream build here! When we first saw Cary’s awesome Process CR 29 it was clear that he was a fan of orange. Or a fan of Fox. Or maybe a fan of

Kona Dream Builds: Alexander’s Process CR DL 29er is Ready for Battle

This post is a part of our Dream Build Series. Start your own dream build here! Swedish enduro racer Alexander Kangas has had his fair share of ups and downs over the last few seasons of the EWS. As a privateer, it’s always a real