Kona Dream Builds

Ti Tuesday: Mathias’ Hei Hei is all Grown Up

Not many Ti builds start with a light, but Mathias’ stunning 1994 Hei Hei did, and when we reached out to him to get the entire story on the build he was more than forthcoming. In fact, he was so forthcoming that my presence here is

Kona Dream Builds: Adam Keeps It Simple With His Custom 2012 Unit

Adam was looking for a simple steel frame that could easily pull double duty as a single speed and a geared hard deal, this bright orange Kona Unit fit the bill perfectly. “After looking at lots of carbon bikes I decided to build something special,

Kona Dream Builds: Rich’s Deep Purple Process 153 CR 27.5

Some of you may have seen Richard’s beautiful one-off custom painted Process 153 CR DL on Pink Bike’s Instagram feed recently. Well, we’d spied it a while back and asked Rich if he could shed any light on what drove him to build and custom

Kona Dream Builds: Jake’s Hand Built One Of a Kind Humuhauler

Normally here on the Kona Dream Builds page we feature some pretty cool custom builds, occasionally people get carried away and do a custom paint job. Today though, we have something truly special.  Meet the Humuhauler, an absolutely stunning one of a kind Humu cargo bike hand

Kona Dream Builds: Pete’s Sweet Process 153 CR DL

We found Peter’s rad and very purposeful build on Instagram and reached out to him for a few more photos and to ask him why he built it the way he did. He obliged with an abbreviated version of his MTB life story and even

Kona Dream Builds: Jason’s Process on the side “Katie”

No stranger to assembling Gucci dream builds for his customers, Jason from Chainline Bikes in San Deigo put together this unbelievably rad and seriously custom Process 153 for himself. You won’t likely see another bike like this rolling the trails, the ENVE M70’s feature custom graphics and

Kona Dream Builds: Goldfinch Cyclery build the shredliest ground-up Honzo

The folk’s at Goldfinch Cyclery in Cedar Rapids, Iowa recently built this beauty of a steel Honzo. “Behold, the shredliest ground-up hardtail build to roll out our doors in a grip!” We have to agree, this bike is most definitely ready for shredding and its

Kona Dream Builds: Ben’s “I’m still really a mountain biker” Major Jake

When we spotted Ben’s stealthy Major Jake on Instagram we had to do a little double take. It looked kinda stock, but after closer inspection, some serious attention to detail was revealed in this custom build that clearly indicates a mountain biker not prepared to completely

Kona Dream Builds: Paul’s Multi-Surface Shred Machine AKA his custom Unit X

Words/Photos/Build: Paul Garcia It starts with inspiration! Have you ever had a moment when something happens to fall in your hands and sparks a thought process that you begin building an idea around? For me, it was the Salsa Cutthroat fork. I had a buddy

Kona Dream Builds: Scott’s mix’n’match single speed Explosif

You’ve got to admit that Scott’s steel Explosif is a little bit of a mix’n’match selection of parts. Nothing really goes together on paper with this build, if you were describing how your old orange ANVL stem was going to look rad, matched up to your blue

Kona Dream Build: Brendan’s Shred 24 Orange Rocket

This week’s dream build may be a 24″ kids bike, but the amazing spec list and well thought out build would make many full-sized adult rider green with envy. Andy, Brendan’s dad, set out to build Brendon a 22 pound 24″ race bike. He’d narrowed

Kona Dream Builds: Scott Countryman’s Race Ready Process 153 CR DL

We caught up with Flagstaff, AZ-based Kona Global Enduro Rider Scott Countryman after Sea Otter and thought that his race-ready Process 153 CR/DL was a damn dreamy build and well worth sharing with you. Scott manages a full on race season while also working as a mechanic at Flagstaff