Kona Dream Builds

Kona Dream Builds: Mike’s Factory Fresh Libre

The boys at Chainline Bikes just cannot help themselves. To sell a bike as it arrived in its box appears to be blasphemy, or maybe it’s their customers each wanting a special unique and one-off build. We are most definitely not complaining. It is pure

Kona Dream Builds: Jakes Process 153 CR DL Huck Giraffe

We’ve seen a few custom Process 153 CR DL pop up, but i think as it stands Jake Hood’s latest build out of Queenstown, NZ takes the cake. The Huck Giraffe is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea with its out there DYED Bro frame

Kona Dream Builds: Conrad’s “I built this for my daughter” Process 24

When you run a bike park and you’re a mountain bike super fan, your parts bin is always

Kona Dream Builds: Chainline Bikes are at it Again With This Simple Honzo ST

The crew at Chainline Bikes are not letting up with the epic custom builds (they have more head-turners coming down the pipe) and this Honzo ST is the first one we have seen utilizing the brand new 2019 colorway and damn it looks good! It’s a

Kona Dream Builds: Atlas Beer Café’s Beer Ute

Queenstown’s Atlas Beer Café has solidified itself over the past decade as THE post ride bar in the riding Mecca. The tiny bar is always packed with riders in post shredding attire enjoying the simple yet stunning food and amazing Emerson’s brews. Kelly McGarry’s canyon

Kona Dream Builds: Morgan’s Private Jake

This past weekend the Radavist’s Morgan Taylor had planned to race his first cyclocross race of the season. For the occasion, he built up a pristine single speed 2017 Private Jake frame-set with the meticulous detail that his complete bikes are known for. Every part

Kona Dream Builds: Chris’s East Coast Ripping Honzo

We just love seeing the way people build up our Honzo’s, whether it’s our classic steel frame, or the newer alloy and carbon models, every single one is a Dream Build. And today we’ve got this very cool build from East Coast bicycle industry veteran Chris

Kona Dream Builds: Rhys Verner’s Race Ready Process 153 CR DL 29

Race-worthy and drool-worthy bikes seem to go hand-in-hand and Kona Global Enduro Rider Rhys Verner‘s custom Process 29 CR is the perfect example. The Squamish based rider has had some bad luck this year, after finishing the 2017 EWS season on a high note. He

Dream Builds: Ride Here Now, Ryan’s Light Touring Kona Rove

For today’s Kona Dream Builds post we are doing something a little different. We are going to send you somewhere else to check it out! Well, not before whetting your appetite with few inspiring photos and words. BikePacking.com recently profiled Denver based Ryan Santoski and

Ti Tuesday: Mathias’ Hei Hei is all Grown Up

Not many Ti builds start with a light, but Mathias’ stunning 1994 Hei Hei did, and when we reached out to him to get the entire story on the build he was more than forthcoming. In fact, he was so forthcoming that my presence here is

Kona Dream Builds: Adam Keeps It Simple With His Custom 2012 Unit

Adam was looking for a simple steel frame that could easily pull double duty as a single speed and a geared hard deal, this bright orange Kona Unit fit the bill perfectly. “After looking at lots of carbon bikes I decided to build something special,

Kona Dream Builds: Rich’s Deep Purple Process 153 CR 27.5

Some of you may have seen Richard’s beautiful one-off custom painted Process 153 CR DL on Pink Bike’s Instagram feed recently. Well, we’d spied it a while back and asked Rich if he could shed any light on what drove him to build and custom