Kona Dream Builds

Kona Dream Builds: “Lil Acid” Shelly Flood’s Process 153 CR DL 27.5

Some eagle eyed Kona and EWS fans may have been lucky enough to get a bit of an advanced look at one of our 2020 Process frame colours this year. Kona Gravity Team rider Shelly Flood has been rolling on this seriously rad Process 153

Kona Dream Builds: Miranda Miller’s Team Issue Process 134 CR DL

When Miranda’s production Process 134 CR frame showed up in our Kona USA HQ a few months back, her team parts kit had already been waiting patiently in a box for the big day. We couldn’t wait to see the complete bike built up. After

Kona Dream Builds: Keith’s Dual Duty Libre DL

We found Keith’s bike on Instagram (he used the #KonaDreamBuilds hashtag) just after he’d ridden this years Dirty Kanza 100 on it with zero flats. It seemed Keith was gushing about his Libre and it was clear from his post that he really got this

Kona Dream Builds: Jacob’s Process 165 29 Franken-Party-Dream-Bike

As a mechanic and ski technician at Ruckus Ski and Board in Prince Geroge, BC, Jacob Mullen is more used to building other peoples Kona Dream Builds than his own. For some, his 29″ wheeled Process 165 is going to appear as more of a

Alasdair’s Retro Builds: Part 5 – 1997 Kona Explosif Team Edition

My all-time favorite Kona is Roland Green’s 1997 Hei Hei in “rasta flames”. It’s the perfect race bike, ridden by a true legend. It’s been documented here, hanging proudly at Bellingham HQ. In 1997 the pro race team featured an incredible line-up of well-established and

Alasdair’s Retro Builds: Part 4 – 1997 Kona Hot

The Kona Hot was the ultimate steel hardtail. Introduced in 1991, through to the start of 1996 it was built by Tom Teesdale, a true pioneer, and master of steel frame design and manufacturer. A made to order frame, you could choose from specific tube

Alasdair’s Retro Builds: Part 3 – 1997 Kona Caldera

The story surrounding the 1997 Kona Caldera provides insight into the mountain bike design changes and riding trends at that time. The concept was simple. Over the years riders had fed-back that they wanted a hand-built, affordable steel framed hardtail. Working with Altitude Cycles, Kona

Alasdair’s Retro Builds: Part 2 – 1997 Kona Manomano

In 1996, the Atlanta Olympic Games featured XC mountain biking as a sport for the first time. Internationally, teams were shifting to a full-time time basis as the race calendar intensified. Downhill and XC courses became more and more technical so bikes needed to withstand

Alasdair’s Retro Builds: Part 1 – 1997 Kona A’ha

Hello, my name is Alasdair. I grew up in the late 80s and 90s when mountain biking exploded into a global phenomenon. Riding a Raleigh, I spent my early teens pouring over Ordnance Survey maps looking for new singletrack, trying to emulate the stars in

Kona Dream Builds: Caleb Holonko’s Shonky ST

From a distance, Caleb Holonko‘s Shonky ST looks like most DJ’s but when you get a little closer you realize this team build is pretty damn special. The Kona Gravity Team Rider has been with Canadian company WeAreOne since their inception and was integral in

Kona Dream Builds: Bailey Mixes Old and New on this Honzo ST Birthday Bike

Bailey from Goldstream Bicycles wanted to build himself a collectible Kona. Sensibly, he picked one of our limited-edition 30th Birthday Honzo STs as a base. We made 201 of these bikes this year and the dark chrome mirror finish is just pure bling. The resulting

Kona Dream Builds: Joe’s Classy Honzo DL

Joe at Bicycles of Phoenix has wanted a carbon Honzo for the last couple of years. “I like that it’s a legit, playful bike with progressive trail geometry.” He hadn’t had a hardtail in 18 years, so he wanted to build one that he would