Hannah Bergemann

Hannah Bergemann is 2 For 2 in the CDC!

Kona Gravity Team Rider Hannah Bergemann is off to a stellar season, taking her second and third victories in the Cascadia Dirt Cup, the premier Northwest enduro racing series. Here’s her recap of the past two races. The CDC round 2 took place in Hood

The Everything Bike Shop

If you happen to cruise through central Bellingham, you’ll undoubtedly drive down State Street. As you head south, it’s impossible to miss the giant thumbs up sign that marks the location of the Kona Bike Shop, our flagship store. At roughly 6,000 square feet, it

Singletracks on Hannah Bergemann

Kona gravity rider Hannah Bergemann is making a name for herself by riding big lines on some of Bellingham’s burliest trails. Recently Singletracks caught up with Bergemann to discuss her future on the Kona Gravity Team. Bergemann has big plans to race a couple of

Introducing our 2019 Gravity/Enduro Team!

2019 is poised to be a big year for Kona on the gravity and enduro side and we couldn’t be more excited to announce our teams for the upcoming season. Headlining the gravity side is our long-time ringer, Connor Fearon of Adelaide, Australia. Fearon finished the