Bicycling Magazine Reviews the Libre DL “The Libre DL is a bike that lets you head out guided by your whim and sense of adventure.”

“The Libre DL is a bike that lets you head out for a ride guided by your whim and sense of adventure. You needn’t avoid a trail that looks fun because your bike won’t handle it well, and you don’t have to shy away from tested the Operator CR 29

And guess what…they loved it ! The french website has reviewed our Operator CR. The originality of their test is that they are made directly by the consumer ! They gave it a rating of 9 out of 10 and loved how fast, precise,

Hei Hei is named a Best “Downcountry” Bike

Say what you want about the term “downcountry,” but like most weird things in the bike industry it’s taking off with a bit of fervor. Bike Magazine has come up with a list of bikes that they think suit the moniker well, and the Hei

Gran Fondo Magazine Reviews the Libre and Rove ST.

Stefan Trocha of Gran Fondo Magazine spent ample time aboard the Libre and the Rove ST in Madeira and had positive reviews about both bikes. “The Kona Libre is the ideal choice for mountain bikers who want a bike with dropper-bars but don’t want to

Bicycling Magazine Recommend The Kona Dew E

Bicycling Magazine has started publishing their Editors Choice awards and our Dew-E commuter earned a coveted Recommended award in their “The Best E-Bikes You Can Buy Right Now” . “The Dew-E packs functionality and fun into a rather traditional and conservative package. Front and rear

Mountain Bike Action Reviews the Operator CR

“With its carbon frame, RockShox suspension and branded components, this bike is a great value. Kona has been a mainstay in the gravity market for a couple of decades and the engineers used all that experience to create a truly capable downhill bike.” -Mountain Bike

Vojo Mag Reviews the Libre

Belgium’s Vjojo Mag just wrapped up their review of the Kona Libre and they were thrilled with the versatility of the bike. “We waren aangenaam verrast door het veelzijdige en efficiënte karakter van de Kona Libre. Voor een gravelbike kan je er best ruig terrein

CX Magazine Reviews the Libre DL

Cyclocross Magazine has been cruising around gravel roads, singletrack, and pavement aboard the 2019 Libre DL for the

The Radavist Reviews The Big Honzo CR DL “This bike has been so much fun that I haven’t touched my full suspension”

Locke Hassett posted up his in-depth and rather glowing review of our Big Honzo CR DL on The Radavist yesterday. If you are considering purchasing this bike (or looking for some affirmation you made the right decision) then we thoroughly recommend you give it a Reviews Kona Process 153 CR 29

You gotta love Google Translate. I mean, I know a few German words and phrases, enough to get a beer at a bar, or buy a lift pass and say thank you, but there is no way I could ever decipher a bike review. Well,

The Most Natural Feeling eBike

Matt Jacobs of Bicycling Magazine has been spending a bit of time aboard the Remote CTRL recently. His simple synopsis? “The Remote CTRL is the most natural feeling eBike we’ve ever tried.” Matt used the Remote CTRL for all kinds of rides and noted that

Bicycling Magazine Reviews the Remote CTRL “It will allow you to ride faster, push the bike harder, and stay out longer.”

“You won’t forget that you’re riding an e-bike, but regardless of your ability, it will allow you to