Spain’s MTB Pro Magazine Reports on Kona’s Press Camp

Click the image to read the report (Spanish).

2013 Zone Two – Sneak Peek

Nearly three years in development, Kona releases our first ever, custom-designed carbon fiber road bikes—-the Red Zone and

Laajavuori Bikepark Finland- Grant Fielder Returns

2 weeks ago i received a phone call asking if i wanted to go over to Finland for

The Path Bike Shop Reports on Kona’s 2013 Launch and More

Tani Walling, Owner of The Path Bike Shop reports: Visiting Kona Bicycles Headquarters in Washington, then driving up

Kona 2013 Bikes on All Hail the Black Market

…Upon waking up to ‘George of The Jungle’ blaring on my hotel room’s television set, I first exclaimed

Bike Magazine on Kona 2013

Kona recently officially launched its 2013 bike line. This week we’ll take a look at some of the

Kona Reveals More 2013 Models

Kona is proud to announce the launch of six new 2013 models. Click the images for massive zooms.

Kona Sneaks Some First Looks at 2013

Our first run of 2013 bikes are starting to arrive at Kona Headquarters in Vancouver, B.C., Ferndale, WA