Sophie’s Canadian Dream

Sophie Gets a New Bike… from Graham Agassiz

I’ve been an intern at Kona Bikes for one month now, and I feel completely integrated. This week we hosted Kona’s annual spring meetings at the Kona World office in Vancouver.  Photos and words by Sophie Bossier. There were approximately twenty people at this meeting. The most

Sophie’s New Bike Day and First Trip to Whistler Bike Park!

At Kona, employees don’t have company cars, but they gave me a staff bike, which is more expensive than my car in France. Not too bad.

The First Week of Sophie at Kona Bikes!

More than being talented at work, Kona’s employees are killing it in their personal fields. It’s like that at Kona: they don’t hire you on your resume only, and even less for your educational background. They really look at who you are. Photos and words

Sophie is Living the Canadian Dream at Kona

“Earlier this year I sent my application to Richard Wadd, and I’m now a marketing intern at Kona Bikes in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.” Photos and words by Sophie Bossier.

Protected: Sophie Digs In on Kona’s Early History

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