Stopping Time On The Monarch Crest

Words by Ambassador Becky Gardner. Life can get hectic. Working, traveling, racing, all while trying to be part

Enduring Distant Dreams

Words and art by Ambassador Gretchen Leggitt. For over 5 years, my friend Robin and I have been scheming and dreaming about combining a bike tour across B.C. with a climbing trip in the Bugaboo mountain range, commonly known as the Bugs. After years of

Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

Words by Ambassador Brookyn Bell. Photo by Matt Robeke. Into the cycle I go. One of the goals for this season of riding was let it all wash over me. To be all in. To live by the dirt. Last week I logged my 100th

Digging Retallack: The Longest Day

Words by Kona Ambassador Shae James, who is the first female ever invited to dig at Retallack Lodge during their annual building week with the Treelines Crew. It’s always the last stretch of something that can feel like an eternity. That last hour of work

The Longest Days: Escalante Bikerafting.

Words and photos by Kona Ambassador Colt Fetters.

Spanning Time

This is a photo story of a Vermont summer day featuring Kona Ambassadors Stephen Pope and Ryan McEvoy. “HELLO! Stoked to send off this photo essay for the “Longest Day” theme! Seasonality is so drastic in Vermont, and summers here are wonderfully long. We wanted

On Short Rotation

Did you know that the summer solstice and the winter solstice simultaneously occur on either side of the planet? Day is night, up is down, and well, summer is winter. We happen to be on the rather chillier side of things… “You girls must be

Value of Grit

Words and art by Kona Ambassador Gretchen Leggitt. The long days of Memorial Day weekend typically involve packing as much adventure as possible into a three-day window. After scouting a handful of logging roads during a previous climbing trip in the region, I had my

The Long Sweet Ride

Words and photos by Kona Ambassador Sebastian De Meris. Despite the fact that the days are the longest at this time of the year, at university it is always the busiest period. Fortunately, this year we finished on June 21, which is just in time

Shifting Gears + The Kona Bike Shop Women’s bike camping weekend

We did it again! Shifting Gears, a local non-profit in Bellingham, WA and The Kona Bike shop came together to lead 10 ladies on a first time, semi-supported, overnight bike adventure. This is the 2nd year we have been able to do this thanks to

Solstice Season

Endurance and Adventure Team rider Spencer Paxson prompts us to scheme up and get the most out of

The Last NIMBY

There’s something to be said for leaving the party while it’s still thumping – that way you are