Kris Sneddon

Kona Adventure Team: Double Century Sandwich

At what point does a course of travel become an adventure? What makes it turn into something else, like a journey? Are there clear metrics that make it so, or is it just a matter of perspective?

Trans BC Enduro Day Six

   The final day at the Trans BC Enduro was a doozy. The day started with a bus

Trans BC day five

PowerSlave is a classic trail in Nelson, BC. It’s steep, technical, rooty and fast. And that’s when it’s

Trans BC day three

The Seven Summits is listed as an IMBA epic, and for good reason. Today the Trans BC Enduro

2016 Trans BC Enduro Day Two

Day Two of the Trans BC Enduro took riders to the wine capital of the Okanagan and the

2016 Trans BC Enduro Day One

Today the inaugural Trans BC Enduro kicked off on the spectacular trails of Vernon BC. Five stages encompassing loam,

Kona Endurance Athlete Rhys Verner takes second at Whistler Provincial Championships

This past weekend in Whistler marked my final race of seven consecutive races in a row. Surprisingly enough I was actually feeling pretty good about it, it had been a busy few months but I was getting to test myself and learn week in and

The Kona Endurance Team’s Wild West Tour

“…at last the Lake burst upon us—a noble sheet of blue water lifted six thousand three hundred feet

Kona Endurance rider Cory Wallace wins the Nimby 50

The Nimby 50 in the mountains surrounding Pemberton BC claims to be a “technical marathon mountain bike race.”

No Lace or Lingerie – Kona Plants One on the Podium at the Whiskey Off Road

The 13th edition of the acclaimed Whiskey Off Road took place in Prescott, AZ over the weekend of April 29th-May 1st.  The tradition for a 13th anniversary is lace and lingerie, which may have been fitting for the start-line on start line on Whiskey Row

Meet the 2016 Kona Team

The 2016 Kona Endurance Team The 2016 Kona Endurance Team is assembled and ready for action! Bringing on the young talent of Canadian Rhys Verner, the veteran squad of Spencer Paxson, Kris Sneddon, Cory Wallace, Barry Wicks and Helen Wyman is ready to hit the

Lords of the Big Ring: Spencer Paxson wraps up the The Pioneer

In the hills of the Southern Alps of New Zealand there ventured four intrepid friends, mountain bikers. Not uncultured, grubby, smelly dirtbags (not yet, anyway), nor yet stylish, sophisticated or too rigid as to not have a laugh at themselves and throw back a beer