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20 years of Mountain Mayhem: Dusty trails, retro bikes and beer in the sun!

It’s surreal riding 24hr endurance MTB even as part of a four man relay team… riding at 3.00am

Ti Tuesday: Tim Wiggins, his Ti Rove and the Dirty Reiver

It’s time for something a little different for Ti Tuesday. UK Kona Grassroots rider Tim Wiggins recently took part on the 200km (120 miles) Dirty Reiver and chose his Ti Rove to tackle the gravel course. We are going to kick things off with his

Single Track World post their final Process 153 Long Term instalment “The Kona Process in two words? Good times!”

Singletrackworld.com have just posted up their final instalment in their 2016 Kona Process 153 long term review. “The Process 153 is an absolute charger. Swift to get up to speed and happy to stay there. It can be hustled along and hung on to when

IMB Magazine Review the 2016 Process 111 “There is nothing this bike won’t try, and very little it cannot do.”

UK based IMB Magazine have published this review of our 2016 Process 111 DL in their latest digital issue and online. You

Leah Maunsell finishes third at round four of the British Enduro Series

This weekend my Dad and I made the trip over to Eastridge, England for round four of the

Kona Grassroots rider Joel Anderson spends a day at Kye Forte’s big old jumps

Legendary UK BMXer and Mountain Biker Kye Forte invited Joel Anderson down to deepest, darkest Devon to ride his top secret jump line – Wideopenmag.co.uk sent Tom Caldwell of Caldwell Visuals along to check out the action. Here’s what happened!

Kona Grassroots rider Thomas Mitchell reports from the PMBA Enduro Kirroughtree

With most of the big race series on an extended summer break and with me not participating in

Thomas Mitchell reports from Round 3 of the Scottish Enduro Series in Glenlivet

Round 3 of the Scottish Enduro Series took place at Glenlivet. The trail centre location is the heartland

What Mountain Bike Review the 2016 Process 153 DL “The Process just felt planted regardless of what we threw it down”

UK publication What Mountain Bike have just posted up their review of our 2016 Process 153 DL and gave it four out of five star! The full review and photos can be viewed here.  

Thomas Mitchell wins LoveCross at Tweedlove 2016

After marshalling last year at the first TweedLove LoveCross event, the opportunity to take part this year was

Singletrack Magazine post their first Long Term Review instalment on the Kona Process 153

Singletrack magazine recently got hold of our 2016 Kona Process 153 for a long term review, the first instalment is online now and well worth a read if your thinking about pulling the trigger on one of these (or just want reassurance that you brought the

Cyclereviewer.co.uk reviews 2016 Kona Zing CR “Extremely well balanced and attractive road bike”

UK cycling website Cyclereviewer.co.uk have just posted up their review of our 2016 Zing CR (sorry it’s only available in Europe and the UK) where they loved the bike, stating “The Kona Zing CR is an extremely well balanced and attractive looking road bike. It is light, it’s fast