Electric Ute!? WTF?

euteVancouver, August 28: Some of you may have seen the 1st prototype of the E-Ute last year. Although it was fairly crude, it worked and we tested it over the winter to test the battery system and refine the design.

On Friday we finally got the G2 Electric Ute built and ran it through some test rides before packing it up in the show crates for Expocycle Montreal (September 7-10). We’ll send it along to Interbike in Vegas (September 23-25). This is actually G2 E-Ute #2, the first is at Eurobike in Germany (September 2-5) on Kona Europe’s stand. There’s also a couple of more conventional Kona E-Bikes showing in Europe – the Token and the Ticket, the first in Kona’s SimpliCity range. The one you see here will retail somewhere in the $2500 range with a single battery. You can see from the test bike in the photo that the bike is two battery-ready for long distance haulers. Come and check it out – the future of cycling has a power-assist!

– Jake


7 thoughts on “Electric Ute!? WTF?

  1. electrorocket says:

    I am excited that Kona has joined the ranks of e-bike resellers! Although I have not seen the E-Ute personally, I can see from this photo it has the standard brushless front hub motor now available everywhere.
    I was hopeful that Kona would take the next step and produce a serious alternative to a bionix based system. When I first heard of the Electric version of the Ute I envisioned a dual motor, dual controller, 8s disc braked system. Of course my vision included a set of high output/high efficiency headlamps, LED running, brake and signal lights.
    I listened as I heard sweet music coming out of the 2.1ch audio system, and plugged my laptop into an integrated versitile and automated charging system.
    I agree with Jake, the future of cycling is electrifly your ride.
    Not just simplecity, SIMPLYFLY.

  2. SLC Tortfeasor says:

    I am anxious to buy this! When will it be available? Details please!

  3. alki stu says:

    The Kona Ute E Bike will be available to test ride at the Sustainable West Seattle Festival this Saturday 1 P.M. to 5 P.M. The festival is located at the Delridge Community Center. Take the Delridge exit off the West Seattle Fwy and you will be there. The West Seattle Fwy is exit 163 off Interstate 5.

  4. justin says:

    I sure hope they make this system fully rainproof, I am looking for a seattle all year electric assist bike to help me up the hills, this could be the one.

  5. I’ve posted a review and video of the Electric Ute on my blog at http://mycargobike.net/2010/06/15/first-look-at-the-kona-electric-ute. Very interesting bike at a very attractive price.

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