Endless Summer

hammock It’s been a summer to remember in the Pacific NorthWest. Most summers, my dry weather (non fender) road bike gets out an average of 30 days. Last year being one of the coldest and wettest (remember Junuary?) on record, it was even less.

This year was special. From May until now (late August) the days have been glorious and warm and dry. Until this year, I’ve been riding a 2004 KonaKona that we built in a limited production run at Kinesis USA using Easton Scandium main frame and Easton Carbon stays. It’s been a joy to ride but after listening to our product manager Paddy White rave on about the new lightweight Haole steel road frame, it seemed like the right time to test his statement this was the best road bike he’s ever ridden.

Having had the opportunity to ride all summer on this new rig I can understand Paddy’s enthusiasm. Paddy comes from a crit and track background, so he loves a stiff and responsive bike. This thing is a rocket! Light, nimble, balanced all spring to mind and I’ve really fallen in love with this machine. Apart from the frame, the Shimano Dura-Ace component group really stands out, the cranks without doubt being the stiffest I’ve ever used. The Mavic Kysrium wheels are of course, first rate and really add to the explosiveness of the ride. The surprise in the parts pic were Mavic’s new road pedals (and shoes) which have a little larger than average platform with plenty of float and feel like they add a lot more efficiency to the pedalling stroke than any other system. Many thanks to Tim Hadfield at Shimano and Larry Burke at Mavic for helping me get set up on my new Dream Machine.

As summer draws to an end, trade shows pull us all away from our daily routines and rides. The rain will be coming and it’ll soon be time to get the rain bike and the rain gear and the light systems ready. When it’s November and it’s raining every day, I’m still going to be thinking about this endless summer.

– Jake


2 thoughts on “Endless Summer

  1. Wade says:

    Great observation on the weather in PNW. I’m in Flathead valley Montana and share inland NW weather. In my career life I’m an analyst for a utility. Part of my work is to track temperatures, heating degree days, cooling degree days, and solar resource. May and June in PNW were without comparison to prior history. The 2009 solar resource from May 1 through July 31 were unprecedented for that time period. Makes being outside pretty sweet.

  2. tsioumas says:

    Because it’s impossible to find any reviews of this frame, can you sort me an inquiry?
    How about road comfort of this frame? Does Dedacciai Zero offers smooth steel ride or combined with the sloping geo behaves like a stiff carbon or alu frame? Does “stiff and responsive bike” also means a harsh riding bike?

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