Fat-Bike.com is Convinced: “I will now buy a Kona Wozo.”

The Wozo is a hit over at fat-bike.com! From Colorado’s Wasatch Crest to Moab’s Captain Ahab and the Whole Enchilada, Dustin Carlson fell in love with the Wozo’s capabilities as a year-round trail bike:

“The testing period of the Kona WoZo has been an odyssey for me. I keep trying to find a trail or a line that this FAT BIKE can’t take. I haven’t found it yet. It has become a thing that I keep bringing this bike on rides that everyone thinks I’m crazy for doing. I’ve become that guy who keeps fat biking everything, even though there isn’t any snow.

I beg you not to roll your eyes at this next sentence. I think that a person could have just this bike, and ride any reasonable trail in the world. A hard tail fat bike that is a quiver killer?! For $2400?! I have said it, and it is on the internet, so it has to be true.”

Read more (and watch videos!) at fat-bike.com here, and get the details on the Wozo here.