Kickstand Coffee

Another interesting cycling sidebar story we found in our digital wanderings. The bike portable coffee bar, only in NYC…

Kickstand is committed to providing the best possible cup of coffee to community events in NYC with the smallest environmental impact possible. We achieve this goal by using bikes not only for all of our transportation needs, but also for a portion of the power we use in brewing the coffee we serve. At Kickstand getting people outdoors and bringing them together over coffee is our primary goal.

2 thoughts on “Kickstand Coffee

  1. konacoffee says:

    You MUST post more details about these guys. That “bike cart” looks pretty interesting. And I would love to know how they use bikes for “a portion of the power we used in brewing the coffee we serve”.

    Their website has lots of pictures, but not a whole lot of details or descriptions of the carts.

  2. It’s not only in NY! These guys run an awesome coffee trike here in ann abor:

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