Kona Dream Builds: Superb Steel – Jorge’s Sutra LTD

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When you are used to being around the finer things in life, then only the best will do. That was very much the case for Jorge, Hotel Director of the luxurious Pig Hotel in the New Forest and his Sutra LTD.

Having been a long time Kona fan and also in the market for a seriously comfortable steel gravel bike with bike packing capabilities, it was always going to be a match made in Heaven. The all new sparkly paint job combined with the ultra-comfy riding position of this year’s Sutra LTD was enough to convince him that the Sutra LTD was the one.

Jorge quickly set about making the bike his own, adding his favorite Panaracer Gravelking tires, matching Brookes Cambium Saddle, Chris King headset, and an Absolute Black oval chainring. He then added a few upgrades to make his LTD a little more prepared for those bike packing trips. On top of installing a wider range of gearing for when the bike is fully loaded, he’s added a Carradice bag set (only the front was attached at the time we shot the photos) and an Exposure Revo Dynamo front Light & Hub, this thing will even charge his phone!

Ben Hazell | KONA COG
Ben Hazell | KONA COG That sparkly paint job really pops in direct sunlight
Ben Hazell | KONA COG Appropriately suave luggage from Carradice
Ben Hazell | KONA COG For those super long rides, you need a reliable, bright Headlight . . .
Ben Hazell | KONA COG . . which you never have to worry about running out of juice
Ben Hazell | KONA COG Like many others, Jorge favours the Oval Chainring
Ben Hazell | KONA COG Big range of Gears for when the bike is fully loaded up
Ben Hazell | KONA COG Panaracer Gravelking SK Tubeless Tyres match up nicely
Ben Hazell | KONA COG Who doesn’t love a little bling factor?!?
Ben Hazell | KONA COG Hope for the best – Prepare for the worst
Ben Hazell | KONA COG Hope rear Hub adds a level of reassurance on those long excursions
Ben Hazell | KONA COG Brown Cambium Saddle matches well and gives some serious comfort
Ben Hazell | KONA COG Cinelli Tape for that personal touch