Kona Reveals More 2013 Models

Kona is proud to announce the launch of six new 2013 models. Click the images for massive zooms.

With our all-new Process DL, we have created a lightweight, efficient pedaling platform with geometry and frame features that inspire confidence while descending. Basically, the Tits Magee of all-mountain/enduro trail bikes. Versatility is the key word here—a bike with a host of subtle but innovative design cues makes the Process DL one of the most ridiculously fun bicycles we’ve ever made.

Kona’s freshly minted all-mountain Process combines a lightweight, efficient pedaling platform with geometry and frame features crafted to inspire forestloads of downward bliss. Our goal was to build the mother of all-mountain/enduro trail bikes, built the Kona way, with versatility imbued in every feature; it’s a bike with a host of subtle but innovative design cues that makes it one of the most ridiculously fun bicycles we’ve ever made.

In the two years since we launched our Supreme Operator, this bike has become cherished and loved by riders all over the world. We kept it simple, focusing our efforts on high-performance characteristics that last. What sets the Supreme Operator apart is its ability to take a carefully tuned, rising-rate leverage curve, ideal for fast, technical, big-hit riding, and combine it with features like low standover, oversized pivot axles and bearings, and a tough-but-light shot-peened and anodized Kona 7005 DH Butted frame. Tricked out with Shimano’s new 2013 Saint groupo and RockShox Boxxer World Cup fork, the Supreme Operator is a gravity weapon for the ages.

For the money, it is one of the best downhill mountain bikes on the market. Light, quick, really maneuverable and super plush, the Operator is designed specifically for those who need excellent big-travel value. Make no mistake: this is a high-performance downhill bike made to endure the rigors of heavy-duty shuttling, bike-park riding and flat-out downhill racing. It has oversized pivot axles and bearings, bomber Kona 7005 DH frame and components selected to maximize the performance equation. No surprise then, the 2012 Operator was voted to Dirt Magazine’s prestigious Top 100.

Introduced in 2012, the Entourage DL comes with a host of refinements for 2013, making it the most fun short-travel DH bike currently on the market. The 170mm travel Entourage DL is the Operator on a diet. Designed to be quicker, faster and more maneuverable than a standard 200mm DH rig, this bike is all about ramping the rad quotient to the next level. It’s the bike freeride superstar Graham Agassiz used to huck massive backflips, style downside tailwhips and spin lofty 360s in Anthill Films’ Strength in Numbers. With super-short 415mm chainstays and geometry specifically designed to broaden your gravity horizons, this year’s Entourage DL sees new improvements from an anodized finish and Shimano’s new Zee Group.

Front and rear travel of 170mm mean the Entourage is a trimmed down Operator. With radically shorter stays for fleet of feet both on the ground and high above it, and a low bottom bracket and slack headtube for stability and confidence at speed, the Entourage is the epitome of fun—our freeride team’s bike of choice for obvious reasons. If a long-travel DH bike is too much cushin’ for your pushin’, and a long-travel trail bike ain’t enough lovin’ for your oven, try this biscuit.

10 thoughts on “Kona Reveals More 2013 Models

  1. Adam says:

    How much travel will the Process have?


  2. Alex Peverel says:

    just thought i’d say the new operators are completely beautiful

  3. danny says:

    i have the operator and it rocks

  4. Ben Dodge says:

    Lost it at Tits McGee

  5. Serge says:

    How much will these bikes cost?

  6. Luis Pérez says:

    Is Magic Link concept abandoned ???
    Cadabras and CoilAirs by Process

  7. Jure says:

    Bikes looks sick, but I don’t like green colour on operator.

  8. J. says:

    The new Process and Process DL look great! Hopefully some, maybe two, colour options will be available for each bike. Are these stand alone bikes or a part of a series (Two or three models of the Process and Process DL)?

  9. Teemu Törmänen says:

    That Process looks like a must have bike!

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