Kona Signs Australian Junior Andrew Crimmins, Wins First Pro Race!

Kona recently signed 16-year-old Junior Australian ripper Andrew Crimmins to our DH team, and while he’s about to get his first shipment of Supreme Operators shortly, he couldn’t wait to jump on our carbon DH shredder and give it a go. The results are incredible to say the least, here’s a report from Andrew on how it all went down. Congrats Andrew, and welcome to the team, we can’t wait to see what happens next…

“Had a great weekend at Thredbo for the Cannonball Festival. Connor Fearon’s bike turned up on Wednesday and I was going to head up on Thursday to get in a bit of practice and get used to the bike but I got a phone call from Thredbo staff that it was snowing up there and the track was closed. I ended up heading up with Thomas on Friday morning and as there was still heaps of snow, we could only ride the bottom half of the track till the afternoon. I got in as many runs as I could to learn how the Kona worked. I was entered by the guys at Thredbo into Juniors. Saturday afternoon was seeding for the Pro’s and as I was watching everyone head up for seeding, I quickly decided to change to Pro’s and jumped on the lift.

The track was in perfect condition by the time seeding came around, I put in a solid run and couldn’t have been happier to seed in 4th only +4 seconds off the top spot. By Sunday morning the track was beaten up and rough, but still moist and had great traction. I knew I had a few seconds up my sleeve and the goal was a podium. A couple of runs Sunday morning and I was feeling better than ever on the Kona. Race run came around and I couldn’t have had a more perfect run, I managed to pull 10 seconds off my seeding time and was super stoked to have taken the win. I was super happy with the Kona, it blew me away how it rode and how it felt underneath me! I haven’t felt that comfortable and happy with how my bike was performing for awhile.”