Michelle Gault Talks With Rick Cluff On CBC Radio

On the morning of June 10, Kona Bike’s Michelle Gault spoke with CBC radio host Rick Cluff on the Early Edition about the Kona BikeTown Africa program and AfricaBike. The short segment highlights the history behind the program, how the Kona AfricaBikes assist home healthcare workers in sub-Saharan Africa and how you can help the program through numerous donation options.

For more info about the BikeTown Africa program visit:
www.konabiketown.com | www.konabasicneeds.com

2 thoughts on “Michelle Gault Talks With Rick Cluff On CBC Radio

  1. I’d like to volunteer in any capacity for BikeTown Africa and AfricaBike. I had an insightful talk with a frame builder at NAHMB ’08 in Portland concerning the basic needs of villagers. We even discussed a new way to transport water via bicycles. Empowerment was on the agenda and he was convinced that we not only need to donate $$$ and goods, but knowledge on how to produce said goods. I chuckled when he said the last thing this world needs is another $5k bicycle. We need to teach villagers how to weld their own frames and operate shops to facilitate this key transportation infrastructure that enables individuals to obtain education, sustenance, and community.

    I want to ante up. Contact me.

    Joel Moreland
    Seattle, WA

  2. Drew says:

    I love the idea behind the Africabike. When I found one in a local shop, I was smitten by it’s utter utilitarian appearance and provisions (basket, rack, fenders, chain guards), because cycle manufacturers seemed to be under the impression that everyone in North America wants to ride either a big, heavy MTB frame or a racing bike. Yeah, it is a hugely different riding experience from modern bikes (can’t remember the last time I saw a coaster brake, it’s build like a tank and weighs about as much as one, and three speeds doesn’t give you much in the way of options) but that’s part of the charm. You’re riding a simple, bulletproof street-eater whose credentials have been proven in conditions far worse than we have here.

    As soon as I heard details of Kona’s program to send them overseas (which would have been about 20 seconds after I first saw it and asked “Why Africabike?”), that was it. I bought one right then and there, and my wife’s considering one too. I’m still getting back into shape, but my plan is to use it as my primary commuter/transportation device.

    Thanks Kona for offering to make a difference. 🙂


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