4 thoughts on “Regular Joe test rides the 2011 CoilAir on the North Shore

  1. KJR says:


    This is the bike I want so bad. How does it pedal? Pretty well? I feel a little under-gunned on the Shore, and want something bigger, but it’s also gotta be my one “do-it-all” bike. What’s your opinion on the CoilAir for that?

  2. Joe says:

    Late reply, but better than never, right?
    The CoilAir pedals very well, thanks to the Magic Link. It essentially locks out when you are driving on the pedals, and the lock out can be helped along even more when you close down the ProPedal on the main shock.
    I ripped the CoilAir this fall on the Shore (DH and some big XC rides, and in the Whistler Bike Park). Without a doubt, the best do-it-all bike in the lineup.
    Happy riding!

  3. William says:

    hey great video and bike!!
    Just wondering what size bike you rode here? And how tall you are (if you dont mind me asking?). Im not sure whether to get a 16 or 18 inch.
    thanks very much

  4. Andrew says:

    Nice video, coilar looks great on this single track.
    How is doing this one hundred eighty Talas?
    What is a regilar price in US ?


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