Regular Joe’s Summertime Report

joe_distHi all,

I hope everyone’s summer is off to an amazing start! I was enjoying some great weather and riding in Vancouver and Whistler, it was nice to get some shred time at home in after my Bolivia trip. I got a bunch of north shore pedaling in, and some sweet DH days on the Shore and in the always fun Whistler Bike park.

I am pinned now for the rest of the summer, not much time at home for me now!

I just finished a week-long bike camp in Calgary, at the Canada Olympic Park, a Kona Groove-Approved bike park. It was fun, I had 10 groms that were really pumped to ride, and they were also keen to learn some new stuff. It was also Stampede week in Calgary, and I got to partake in some of the festivities. Highlights were a BBQ at a friends house, complete with a country band, and watching chuck wagon races at the fairgrounds, which were insane.

I am heading to Whistler now, to coach three weeks of the Summer Gravity Camps. After Whistler, I fly straight to Switzerland to run DH trips there for Big Mountain Bike Adventures. I will be in Switzerland for most of August. I have a few spaces left on my trips, so if anyone has time, or knows of someone keen, I can hook up a pretty good deal for ’em. Check out for dates.

I finish up in Switzerland, and fly straight to Iceland to do a photo shoot and magazine article mission with Andrew Shandro, Sterling Lorence, and Mitchell Scott. I am so excited for this trip, and I know we will absolutely kill it there.

I am really excited about my schedule this summer, and I want to thank everyone for supporting me! I will be keeping everyone posted on my travels, and you can check out my travel stories, photos, and video on my Regular Joe blog on the


Photos courtesy Big Mountain Adventures