Shop of the Week – Bend Cyclery

This weeks SOTW comes from Eric (pictured here with his tricked out Abra Cadabra), owner of Bend Cyclery in Bend, Oregon.

“I’ve been an exclusive Kona dealer for 15 years until this year when I took in a couple of other brands just to have more selection of dirt jumpers. I’ve been the only Kona dealer in Bend for 15 years as well, so if you see a Kona rollin around the mountain bike mecca town of Bend it probably came from me.  I run the shop pretty much by myself and its been that way since I opened Bend Cyclery in 1995. I do get some help here and there from freinds , like setting up shop everyday. It takes me an hour to set up and break down the shop. I have to put up four Kona tents and put 48 different models under them. It’s a bitch but its worth it.  This way you can check out the bikes without someone hounding over you to buy a bike. It’s a lax, out-of-bounds, dirt jump, freeride downhill shop and I have a ball doing it.

Atta boy Eric. Keep the drive alive buddy. Tell us more about that sick bike of yours…

2 thoughts on “Shop of the Week – Bend Cyclery

  1. Tim Brislin says:

    Eric and Mason are great guys at Bend Cyclery, they will treat you right and the atmosphere proves they enjoy doing what they do.

  2. If they keep dealing Kona Bikes, I will keep dealing with them! Great shop, great product, great people. Still ride my Kona Dawg Primo but will get the 2013 Cadabra next Spring!jpgolfball

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