Shop of the Week – Victory Bicycle Studio

Few success stories start right off with tragedy. For Victory Bicycle Studio, where so many other things fell into place so smoothly, the unfair cliche came to be that they were to first find adversity before success.

Four weeks after Victory Bicycle Studio opened (and 3 days after the grand opening party!) Clark Butcher would get the call that his and Robert Taylor’s small but funky shop was burning down. The fire was sparked by a plumber next door that was getting some welding done.

“I was speechless. I didn’t know if I should cry, or if it was okay to cry, or what to do,” Butcher said.
Taylor and Butcher didn’t waste any time in rebuilding the shop, and kept selling during their four month rebuilding process. Now that Victory Bicycle Studio is open again, the shop looks a little different than its original incarnation, but the same priorities are firmly in place. “Any place we were going to open had to have style. We also want a boutique feel, but not so high end that it’s snobby.”

Victory also has a unique draw for a shop. Robert Taylor has a reputation for being the premiere bike fitter in Memphis, and Clark Butcher is a coach, with a degree in Exercise science and a coaching job on the side, (and the only Cat 1 racer in town) making this the best place in town to pick out a bike, get fit, and get on a plan to dominate.

Victory Bicycle Studio is open and smoke free, so head to midtown Memphis and stop in to see a cool shop that has the knowledge and experience to cater to the top echelons, but has the attitude to be fun and mellow.

Music most likely to be heard in the shop: Lil Wayne
Best place nearby for food: Fuel Cafe has the best Burgers! and ForkItOver Catering, just steps from our door, across the street
Beer most likely to be found in shop fridge: Miller Highlife
Best music venue: Minglewood Hall
Current book you’re reading: My ADD prevents me from reading anything too long. Peloton, Velonews, Playboy, and Fast Company are some favorites.
Biking advice: Wear a helmet; It’s more important to look good, than go fast
Your last ride: Yesterday, did a nice 60 miles with some buddy’s out to Shelby Forest, along the Mississippi.
Favorite ride: Any ride with good friends and good conversation, that ends with copious amounts of beer and tasty food.

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  1. Steve says:

    Clark and Robert are incredibly knowledgeable (and great guys) in all things cycling and one of the best thing about this shop? It’s about 3 blocks from my house! The city of Memphis has gained a huge addition to it’s cycling community. Cheers.

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