Singletrack UK checks out Kona 2014

Singletrack reports: News has just dropped on the all new 2014 Kona range, we’re looking forward to getting a spin on them later in the year, but for now here’s what’s coming…

New carbon, evolved suspension and revolutionary geometry and fit, the Kona Ride just got a serious injection.

We drew a road map to this point four years ago. Our goal was to leverage our entire 27-year history to create category-leading bicycles that find the perfect balance between performance, modern application and ease of use. The result is our most complete, technologically advanced, harmonized collection of bicycles ever. From a new carbon fiber gravity platform to new carbon disc cyclocross speedsters, a striking evolution of our Process Enduro platform, to our most comprehensive collection of Road bikes since we started making them in 1992. Kona 2014 is a purpose-driven, deeply thought out collection of bicycles. With 25 new models, the Kona Ride has become more exactly defined than ever before. Wo! There’s even a new fat bike. Read more