Sneak Peak – New MinUte 2012 Prototype

The ultimate utilitarian asphalt bike, the much-coveted Kona Ute, is getting a more versatile, smaller wheelbase cousin in 2012, the all new MinUte. We recently got the first prototype bike delivered to our Kona USA headquarters in Ferndale, Washington, just to make sure everything was perfectly in place for riders looking to get the hustle and bustle of life’s day to day done by bike.

With a substantially shorter wheelbase than its elder Ute, the MinUte offers many of the same cargo hauling advantages, but with a compact design. Easier to store, easier to maneuver, easier to lock up in crowded bike racks.

The MinUte boasts the same features as our successful Ute. You still can haul groceries and children, and lots of your stuff… just not quite as much. Keep an eye on traffic with its upright riding position, and comfortable swept back HandPlant handlebar. Front and rear disc brakes allow you to safely control speed while loaded down. A simple, 16 gear drivetrain, with extra low for the extra weight, completes the package. Oh, and the MinUte also ships with two burly panniers ready for all your stuff.

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Laterally stiff, vertically compliant, able to comfortably carry 100lbs (additional to the rider) and retailing for $799 in the US and Canada (available in Europe as well, price TBD) the MinUte works for hauling your stuff (or little people) all around town, at an affordable price. Look for it to hit a retailer near you later this year.

10 thoughts on “Sneak Peak – New MinUte 2012 Prototype

  1. Elise says:

    I want one for the 2012 Bike Winter Fashion Show!

  2. Julian Peeters says:

    Awesome! Sign me up for a 22″ please please please.

  3. GrantB says:

    That seems way more practical for my needs than the full on Ute. Nice price, too.

  4. david says:

    seems perfect! hope it will fit bus bike racks

  5. Pablo says:

    Me gusta mucho! Will the MinUte hit stores before the end of summer?

  6. alan says:

    I’ll be tempted to “downgrade”. and trade in my ute. Is the production model to be brushed aluminum? Looks very nice if that’s what it is. Also, the addition of a front rack eyelet is great. This could be a nice touring bike. Is there any way an accessory could be added (or made available) to allow the rear rack to take normal pannier clips and bungee hooks? Also on the topice of bungee cords, the deck cutouts need to be a bit more generous — they are too few and too small. Details, details… I love the ute — it’s got character — and this looks like an excellent variation.

  7. Henry says:

    Ditto on an earlier remark — I really hope it’ll fit on a bus rack! The achilles’ heel of the cargo bike, at least in urban areas…

    At $799, I’m guessing it’s going to be one size only, or maybe two. Any thoughts? Too bad, because I’ll probably be too tall for it…

    A huge improvement on the Specialized Globe Haul, the only other semi-longtail that I know of. Beautiful bike, great job Kona!

  8. Eric says:

    Amen to David’s post re: fitting bus bike racks.

  9. Harlee says:

    I’d <3 if this came in a 16 " frame. I would buy one immediately. Would be great to have accessories such as running boards too!… ooh and bigger bags!!

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