Sneak Peek – New 2012 Kona Roundabout

Joining Kona’s diverse, purpose driven collection of Asphalt bikes, the new 2012 Roundabout is designed specifically for people wanting a beautifully built, perfectly simple commuter bike. “The Roundabout features a classic steel Mixte frame, with a clean, streamlined aesthetic,” explains Mark Matson, Kona’s Asphalt product manager. “It uses a 1×9 drivetrain that is straight forward and easy to operate, while allowing a broad range of gears to zip around town.” The Kona HandPlant handlebar keeps the rider upright and comfortable, and helps focus the rider’s vision on the road, path, or whatever is in front of them. This model comes in two sizes: small and medium. We think the discerning urban female cyclist is going to love this bike.

14 thoughts on “Sneak Peek – New 2012 Kona Roundabout

  1. Bernie says:

    I’m a discerning male cyclist who would totally ride one of those if you made it in a large or xl.

  2. Josh says:

    Beautiful bike. Please don’t say it’s just for “urban female cyclists” – I’m for equal opportunity mixte frames!

  3. cameron cook says:

    Nice looking simple metro cruiser for women and the straight forward design uses the KISS method.

  4. micaa says:

    Qe copadoo..

  5. Richard crawford says:

    Nice – but ideal simplicity would have gates belt drive and a geared hub

  6. dustin says:

    My girlfriend needs to be on this bike! Very cool and stylish, glad to see these making a comeback. Any idea on pricing yet?

  7. Douglas says:

    Nice, though I would love to see the Roundabout with an internally-geared rear hub and a Gates belt.

  8. Rob says:

    I wish you also made one for the boys.

  9. enio says:

    Option(sizes) for male riders please..

  10. robindahood says:

    kick ass bike matson. looks dan’s worthy

  11. Jalen says:

    Tip top stuff. I’ll epexct more now.

  12. Steve J says:

    Kona you might have got your target audience all wrong with this one. I’m also a discerning male and this looks like one of the best things I’ve seen Kona come up with since I bought my 2003 Mtb hardtail. Looks nice.All those commenting on adding a belt drive and IGH probably wouldn’t find the price simple! Looks fine as is.

  13. Rodney says:

    A very fun bike to ride, and a great addition to Kona’s 2012 line up. Hooray for the mixte, steel frames, and horizontal dropouts. Single-speed anyone? Check it out:
    Some minor frame design suggestions, but an overall solid bike.

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